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Tokyo Olympics closing 5 souvenir shops; downsizing another


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If Tayaka San can not answer that question he has no business managing the Olympic merchandise.

Let me help. I asked that same question in the Shibuya station store. At that time, about a year ago, 2 of the items were made in Japan.

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Seems like a good idea since there will not be any Olympics in Japan in 2020. I would venture to say that this decision was one of the best I have ever heard of. Good idea. Very good. Bravo!

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less people to rip off these days

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Who wants merchandise for Olympics that aren’t going to happen??

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OLYMPICS will take palce in 2022. When all humans might be safe.

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Who wants merchandise for Olympics that aren’t going to happen??

Any collector with the space to keep the merch who wishes to gamble that such items will become a valuable collectable, that's who.

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With the economy in the dumps and probably for much longer who's going to have disposable income to buy such junk? People are going to be struggling to buy food, medicine and to pay rent. Paying for higher education is already at risk so many students may have to quit school to make ends meet. I don't think trinkets will be on anyone's minds, even the collectors.

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Tokyo spokesman Masa Takaya 

Tayaya was asked 

Which spelling is correct?

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@Educator60 Takaya. Tayaya is a typo.

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