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Tokyo Olympics must be reconsidered due to Japan's failure to contain pandemic: report

By Rocky Swift

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Japan has exhibited "poor performance" in containing virus transmission, along with limited testing capacity and a slow vaccination rollout, according to the commentary published in the British Medical Journal this week.


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FINALLY! Real expert opinions about reality, not about pride or self-interest.

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I really want the Tokyo Olympics to be a success.

However, the Japanese authorities have failed spectacularly to prepare for dealing with the pandemic in this context.

How can the vaccine rollout have been handled so badly with this event looming?

Postpone until 2022. This will give a chance to focus on a vaccination program, a proper testing plan to be introduce and other better safety measures. It's even possible in that timeframe that some international spectators (even if just family members of athletes) could make it.

The government should view it as a failure to re-consider their plans in these times, even if late. In fact, I think a lot of people would praise them for making such a decision.

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The government should not view it as a failure to re-consider their plans in these times, even if late. In fact, I think a lot of people would praise them for making such a decision.

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No Olympics. Save lives.

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It is too late for Japan to inoculate the fans, but one hundred days is still enough time to vaccinate the athletes and support staff.

Does Japan have the willpower and competency to do what needs to be done to hold the Olympics safely?

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this all will end abruptly with a しょうがない!

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Japan began its inoculation push in February, later than most major economies. Only 0.9% of the Japanese public have received their first shot so far, compared with 2.5% in South Korea, and 48% in the United Kingdom.

Hum, UK succeeded to get such a rate by stealing AZ vaccine from other European countries... Not sure it is a good example.

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I would only just turn it into a competitive vaccination Olympics. Two medal sets, an international one and a national one, each with the commonly known medals. And then the country, respectively the prefecture in Japan, that first reached or reaches 50%, gets the bronze, the one with being first reaching 80% the silver and the country or prefecture with nearly, that means the most nearest to 100% vaccination rate gets the gold medal. Just turn that stupid event into something splendid and useful!

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I think the track events will be unusual, since the athletes will be wearing masks and keeping 2 meters apart.

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It is very unfortunate, but the current situation seems the result of the authorities giving up on having a safe Olympic since last year.

At the moment the games were delayed it was still an excellent time to ramp up testing, make easier to approve and apply vaccines and reinforce the health system. But instead the government did almost nothing. The public health and the safety of the games have never been a real priority, losing as little money as possible seems a much more realistic goal according to the actions taken.

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