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Tokyo Olympics plans 'insensitive, irresponsible,' says IOC member


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She is absolutely right about that!

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"Should the Olympics be cancelled? No one knows at this point and that IS my point," she wrote. "To say for certain they will go ahead is an injustice to the athletes training and global population at large. We need to acknowledge the unknown."

In other words, she is blabbing about nothing. IOC says they are pressing ahead with plans, not that it will definitely happen. If there is a chance it won't be canceled, should they stop preparations? What kind of message would that send to athletes?

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U are perfectly correct. The message should be , SAVE YR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF OTHERs. there is always 2021 unless U are infected and dead. Japan do not have enough facilities even for it's own people. Imagine if the athletes are infected ???. In this case are u sure U are a sports body ???.

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Ms Wickenheiser makes a very sound point, and she states her opinion with clarity and reason.

If the IOC says the Games are definitely going ahead, they are wrong to do so, because they don't know that. If people go ahead with travel plans - and *all that that entails - only to be told weeks beforehand, that the Games will be postponed or cancelled, will the IOC take responsibility for that financial loss?

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If the IOC says the Games are definitely going ahead, they are wrong to do so, because they don't know that. 

The problem is, the IOC never said that. This is why I said Ms Wickenheiser is talking about nothing.


The organisation said it didn't want to make ‘any drastic decisions at this stage'

Hardly sounds like "definitely", does it?

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Hayley should know that there is very limited treatment for the virus in Japan and you might be treated for a bacterial infection infection instead...

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If athletes from all over the world were already infected with the coronavirus, then no one would attend the Olympics.

If many athletes can participate, the Olympics may be held.

This should be judged based on the actual situation, and there is no point in criticizing it.

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