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Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto


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Let's use some simple math to come to a resolution.

Since 80% back a cancellation or postponement, how about limiting spectators to 20%.

Of course, I am joking. Only thing that makes 100% sense is cancelling the Olympics outright?

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How are they going to have fans in the stands of the general population won’t start getting their vaccine until July? It’s a 2 shot regime. Smh.

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What if you vaccinate people on the entrance of the events?

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What if you vaccinate people on the entrance of the events?

And why should people who go to the olympics get vaccinated ahead of those who don't? That is just the rich paying for a vaccine.

Plus it apparently takes 12 days after vaccination to start being effective and you need a second dose so people wouldn't have any protection at the events.

Boycott 2020/21 olympics.

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What if you vaccinate people on the entrance of the events?

Vaccines take up to two weeks to take effect, so are you suggesting after entrance to a game, quarantine them in the stadium for two weeks, and if after that time they test negative, they can return home?

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I don't see what the problem is with allowing foreigners to come and watch the games provided they have been vaccinated. They're running out of time to sort this out though. People need to book their fights and make other arrangements.

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@James And why should people who go to the olympics get vaccinated ahead of those who don't? 

While yes, the travel packages that come with olympic tickets are expensive, I would say "the lucky" instead of "the rich". I was the only in my family to get an olympic ticket in their little Olympics ticket lottery thing and it was some obscure sport. It was ¥5000, hardly enough to break the bank, IMO. Same price as the big ticket events, if you were "lucky" enough to win one of those.

I think they should use the stadiums as inoculation sites and have them running 7 days a week, for everyone. The community center near me will only have the vaccines available on Wedsdays. What's up with that? I know that there is a syringe shortage. Again, SMH.

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The only things we are waiting for is the early announcement of the cancellation of the Games and vaccination.

That is what the people are asking for.

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I don't see what the problem is with allowing foreigners to come and watch the games provided they have been vaccinated.

Once vaccinated, you can still transmit the virus.

No long term studies on how long vaccines are effective.

many different vaccines in many different countries.

many different mutations in many different countries.

fake vaccines available from India, and fake vaccine certificates available on the internet.

host nation is not vaccinated, and hospitals are usually 100% full due to heat attacks at this time of year.

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Tokyo Olympics should have fans in stands: Hashimoto

While this is absurd, it is no less than allowing baseball stadiums to have fans in the stands, which has been happening during this pandemic.

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Just allow 20% to equal the twenty that still want the olympic and only allow that 20% to have been vaccinated.

The stands will have medical works if free from jabbing as well as very old people, like politicians.

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I would like to see the entire LDP front and centre of the Olympic Games. Cheering on the people and showing us exactly how safe and fun it all is.

Lets see how many of these minions would volunteer for that, shall we?

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I agree the stands should have spectators. However, their numbers must be limited and their seating must be segregated. And, no stupid rules like ‘no cheering’ as they have for the torch relay.

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Just having a female president of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizers doesn’t make things better. Hashimoto represents interests of big corporations and corrupt officials of the IOC and the JOC. Holding the Games in the midst of the pandemic is sheer madness.

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"But Olympic organizers still struggle to ease the Japanese public's skepticism about the safety and the urgency of hosting the Olympic Games during the pandemic."

And they'll keep struggling because the only 'urgency' about the Games is with the organizers. Sick minds.

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The LDP Government must publish fully, a comprehensive Olympic policy route map, detailing prevention, travel advice, and most importantly a vaccination program with rolling updates.

Seiko Hashimoto is calling for fans in the stands.

Yet without any mention of how this can be achieved without prevention of Covid-19 spreading through a vaccination program for competitors, Tokyo residents or spectators.

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This is all for show. They are actually planning to hold the Olympics, without fans. You watch.

It's up to the athletes and olympic associations of individual countries now to step up one-by-one and pull out to put an end to this madness.

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So we got a change at the helm from the sexist Mori to Hashimoto a person placed there from the same old fossils to voice their will.

In the end both of them spoke and speak of non sense.

People were not even vaccinated yet and it is highly unlikely to reach heard immunity by the Olympics.

But she speaks of allowing people in stadiums and gather.

This with Goto will be the perfect thing to keep the Covid alive around us.

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Seiko Hashimoto ... told Japanese media the Games should have spectators ...

Because ...?

I don't see what the problem is with allowing foreigners to come and watch the games provided they have been vaccinated.

Ok, @Chibakun, where to start?

Of course, we already have community spread here, and that affects both Japanese and non-Japanese residents. So any spectators can spread coronavirus,

Not sure what you mean about foreigners, do you still have the idea that that risk is with international tourists coming to watch the Games? The equally large issue is allowing in 1000s of athletes and ancillary staff from over a hundred countries. Every single one of those is potentially a spreader of coronavirus. So the Games are potentially a superspreader event that will leave us here in Japan with the consequences.

This is the biggest issue - the Games could expose all of us here to a massive risk - a spike in infections, health staff put under unnecessary pressure managing it, bringing in variants from all over the world to simultaneously hit the islands, and possibly incubating further, less treatable variants. It is madness to wilfully create such a danger. The government should be fully focused on dealing with the unavoidable risks and community spread we already have here with the pandemic. Say, getting the local population vaccinated?

The government may be bothered about visitors/athletes getting sick and overloading the health system. That is a legitimate concern, and that is why they would require people to be vaccinated. But it is not to stop the spread, as we still have no idea whether it will do that.

Also, I think they want 20,000 health staff to volunteer at the Games, on top of already spending the last year in the frontline, treating the sick and dying. Absolutely gross, to prioritise an unnecessary vanity project when these staff have been working their butts off to care for the local population. Andon top of that, to expect the doctors and nurses to do it for free!

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I'm fine with the idea of them holding the games in Covid infested Tokyo as long as they keep the athletes and teams to themselves in a 'bubble', don't prioritize them for vaccination ahead of taxpayers, and send them home as soon as they are done.

You can see the Japanese Olympic organizers looking hungrily at Australia and it's Tennis tournament, fans in the stands etc, but what they don't seem able to comprehend is Australia took hard choices and definitive testings and so on to achieve the position it now enjoys. The Japanese seem to think they can just hold the games without making any of the sacrifices that allowed Australia to hold it's tournament.

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They could put robots in every seat and have them clap the plastic clappers and cheer at the appropriate time.

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Smarter than a 5th grader. This is a no brainer. The Corina validation narrative should not get in the way of the Olympic spirit. Or, what is the sole purpose of it?

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The Olympics are a vanity project borne forward by the IOC and a host of wealthy corporate interests. As is, it will be a super-spreader event, if allowed to transpire - let alone allowing spectators which will exponentially spread the virus.

Hashimoto, is a member of the LDP, that she is female, so what? It means she will follow the whims & caprices of the ruling junta. Her gender does not offset marching orders to push the games forward.

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The stands should be full. The threat will be significantly diminished or gone by July.

-3 ( +0 / -3 )

No, they also should not take place before a live audience, they just only should be canceled. What is so extraordinarily difficult to understand with that?

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It's all about the money. Get the spectators money for tickets and for selling cheap plastic "official" stuff made in China.

Here's an idea: instead of having all of those pesky foreigners come to Japan, have pay-per-view live broadcast of the events, since you're so gosh darn excited about seeing professionals jump, run and blah, blah, blah and you get nothing in return if they win, place or show - like horses.

That's even better. Have online betting and treat the athletes just like horses. The government makes money, the bettors lose money. It's perfect.

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> Happy DayFeb. 28  11:09 pm JST

The stands should be full. The threat will be significantly diminished or gone by July

Totally agree! By July 2024 it should be significantly diminished. If not then we’ve got a much bigger problem!

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We know the drill -- they'll have fans in the stands if the Games go on, and later they'll pretend they could have never known numbers in Corona cases would spike.

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