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Policeman assigned to Tokyo Olympics torch relay tests positive for COVID-19


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It is the first positive test connected to the relay since it began March 25 from northeastern Fukushima Prefecture.

Except it isn't as Snowy and others have pointed out. More deliberate misinformation from Pravda. Sorry, Kyodo.

They said the officer developed symptoms and tested positive the next day. Local health authorities are investigating.

So, if he was masked up outside waving one of those light sabres for a couple of hours he probably didn't catch the virus then, but had it already. One wonders where he caught it and who else has it.

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The torch is not exchanged. Each runner has his own. The flame is transferred from one torch to another but why are the torch “ runners” not masked ? All they do is stumble along for 100 mtrs or so.

indeed this is at least the 2nd case and omitting the first is not an oversight but deliberate.

in any case this torch relay is now a pathetic and sad clone of what a relay should be.

shame on coca cola, Nissay and the other relay sponsors for hiding from their responsibilities to speak up and protect the Japanese public.

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Testing positive, the next day - hardly indicative the police officer was infected during the relay. But, he certainly brought the virus to wherever he was along the torch route. He didn't acquire the virus at the torch relay, he spread it at the torch relay gathering. Get it straight. as it will be the pattern at the Covid Olympics. Which will be known as: the super-spreader event of events.

Though the entirety is basically ignorant, no matter the spectacle and just a further indicator that the Olympics will be a fiasco.

Suga imposed a state of emergency from January into the third week of March. Lifted the emergency order, and voila! an increase in the number of cases. Now, one month later, re-imposes a state of emergency. Which seems rather inept. And certainly wedded to Golden Week and keeping the numbers down preceding the Olympics. Where-oh-where is the vaccine?

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Wow, we all forgot, it always comes from the unexpected side. Not the torch bearers, not the viewers, a policeman in this case. Same will happen with Olympics. All perfectly organized and secured, but any external staff brings it all in through a loophole and that’s it. Pizza delivery, security guard, disinfectant bottles refiller, anyone else...just the most normal but unexpected.

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PLEASE no Olympics, save lives.

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Seems like that torch IS the virus!!!

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Well, best cancel them then. Haha no. Olympics must rise above virus... but not above genocide.

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Here you go! Gambare!” - Actor Koji Yamamoto has been tested positive for COVID-19 ‘after’ his Sekigahara, Gifu ‘leg’; of the Olympic torchbearer run.

- “This announcement was made today by Koji Yamamoto's management company. Yamamoto played ‘Mitsunari Ishida’ in "Sanada Maru," and ‘Soreo Hiden’ in “Kamen Rider Ichi-gata” in Kamen Rider Zero-One series ” - 

Pictured as both maskless and gloveless, Yamamoto passed the torch to the next torchbearer. - From “Tokyo Olympic torch relay to be taken off main roads” - Apr 16.

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At any cost.” This is, at least, the 2nd participant to test positive after their leg of the torch run.

“Officials say the policeman was wearing a mask and taking social-distancing precautions and other measures.” -

We doubt This claim by officials, along with further doubt that the sweaty torch is routinely disinfected with alcohol before it’s handed to the next ‘carrier’.

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