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Top 5 dishes in recipe contest to be served at Tokyo Olympic village


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... ... toasted bread with peaches, ham and cream cheese ...

... “somen" noodles in a tomato broth ...

"Oden” served in a chilled soup with tomatoes ...

Why not serve more popular traditional dishes such as sushi, tempura, sukiyaki, ramen/soba/udon, or even curry rice?

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I expect teams will be bringing their own stuff:

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I expect teams will be bringing their own stuff:

No wonder. I'd bring my own food if this is all that's on offer.

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The Brits aren't going to put up with being offered Lipton teabags.

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Ippei-chan Yakisoba with fried egg, decent thin cut Japanese beef and plenty of Karashi mayo would blow their minds. To bad they can’t jusy go to any place they’d like and taste what Japan is really about.

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While it is common to soak noodles in light soup stock with condiments, the noodles will be served with chicken and vegetables in a tomato broth to help athletes get the nutrition they need.

what if you are vegan or vegetarian? I hope they have a Tofu or beans option.

The two other dishes are "zangi" deep-fried salmon, originating in the northernmost main island of Hokkaido, and toasted bread with peaches, ham and cream cheese


muslims, jews, and vegan/vegetarians are not going to go for the ham. many people also do not eat fish. I have a friend who allergic to fish.

other options?

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Most teams bring their own cooks/ chefs and eat their own food, and many athletes are on special diets to go with their training regimens. A similar thing happened at the Rugby World Cup in 2019. They do not want upset stomachs from eating local foods, or suffering food allergies, or at the worst their food being drugged with a risk of failing drug tests.

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Great. As always Japan offers no vegetarian, vegan, or halal options.

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Not good enough.

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Focus on the health and well-being of your country!!! Stop playing the distraction game. No one wants this and yet the govt. still doesn’t listen.

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