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Two-thirds of sponsors unsure about 2021 Olympics: poll

By Philip FONG

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Complete nonsense. None of the LOC local sponsors should pay 1 extra yen. This is just more Dentsu bullying.

mand for the gloc

bal sponsors there of course no problem as they have long running engagements with the IOC.

the only extra cost for local sponsors should be activation and servicing cost but they should not pay one extra yen in sponsorship fee to LOC

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Until antodote is found and tested to really work , pls forget abt 2021 Olympics.

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IOC, official stated: "No vaccine. No Olympic Games." Olympic Games are incredibly corrupt. Doped-up athletes under the sway of Big Sponsors. Corporate gladiators. At a cost of 12.6 billion to Japan. The return on that investment is exactly what? Since 2004, Olympic venues have experienced inconsistent ROI. Below are a few of the more notable figures:

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 2016: In 2016, the Rio De Janeiro Summer Olympics rendered a final price tag of US$13 billion, well over projections of around US$3 billion. The added cost is credited with prolonging an existing recessionary cycle in Brazil.[4]

Sochi, Russia 2014: The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi cost in the neighborhood of US$50 billion. This expense shattered the initial budget of US$12 billion and generated a modest US$53 million in profit.[5]

Beijing, China 2008: In 2008, China spent more than US$40 billion on the Summer Games. China realised a US$146 million profit.[5]

Turin, Italy 2006: As a host of the 2006 Winter Games, Turin ended up sustaining a loss of US$3.2 million. The deficit represented 2% of its US$1.58 billion operating budget.[6]

Athens, Greece 2004: One of the largest financial failures of the modern Olympic era, the cost overrun of the Athens games led to a staggering debt load. With an initial budget of US$4.6 billion, the Athens Summer Olympics accrued between US$14 billion and US$15 billion in debt. The economic stress created by the 2004 games is often credited with ushering Greece into a financial crisis.[6]

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@ Richard ... 2012 was the London Games , just saying !

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People are even afraid to fly

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Zero confidence in Japan

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