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Ugandan Olympic team quarantined in Japan after virus case


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First of many, and still a month away from the start of the event.

Good work IOC and Japanese Government.

You saw the cliff from a distance and kept driving in the same direction.


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Looks like a “Rocky IV” story in the making, folks!

In a foreign land, no coach, language differences, required to stay indoors, limited if any outdoor training, under both media scrutiny and constant government surveillance. -

Opposed to continuing these Games, but many may agree, “we love an ‘underdog’ story”!
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How about all the Japanese people who have come into contact with them at the airport, bus, hotel and so on. No testing or contact tracing for them. Japan doesn’t do real contact tracing, except for these token foreigners who have already had cont contact with who knows how many people. If it is the delta variant, ( do the even check) it is shown it can spread in just fleeting seconds of passing contact

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“Due to all foreign athletes being required to quarantine…y’know, just in case…the only athletes who will be able to compete safely and on time are the local Japanese athletes” said an Olympic spokesperson, accidentally adding, before his mic was cut, “who will therefore win everything”.

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Whoah! THAT word is no longer acceptable!

@anon 8:50am: “Japan doesn’t,… except for these token foreigners…”

The least appropriate word acceptable is “representative” or “representative demographic”.

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Expect more of this to happen.

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And the other 80 a 90 people on the same flight? … I guess just allowed to go on their merry ways to where ever in Japan.

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Vaccination is a very effective and safe preventive measure, but it will not stop infection on 100% of the cases, therefore testing is the bare minimum requisite for traveling. In cases like this (where an unlikely but still possible infection can spoil all plans made for the time after the trip) a period of quarantine before boarding the plane would be also necessary.

As long as people have contact with other people before and during the flight this is going to happen.

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I would like to know the running number of athletics and support staff that test positive during the games once everyone starts arriving in big numbers. Because everyone is being tested daily will be a interesting number to know.

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This loose quarantine tells actuality of self-styled "safe and secure Olympics".

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Tokyo. Covid melting pot 2021.

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They have not left the hotel since arriving or had contact with others, he added.

Except this may be a lie. According to a testimonial in social media, they were at a local shopping mall/outlet, before the decision of them being close contacts was made.

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Lets replace the name Uganda with say USA, France, England, China, would they be treated

the way the Ugandans are being treated, the answer will be no. The Uganda embassy needs

to lodge a complain. Well they are to blame for coming too early.

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It is also possible that the test result was a false positive.

No test is 100% accurate.

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It is also possible that the test result was a false positive.

No test is 100% accurate.

Yes, and we all know there is a strict law against doing further tests to confirm whether the first one was a true positive of false, right?

I mean, you're saying they only do one test, right? The only reason I can think of that anyone above limited intelligence wouldn't then do a second test to confirm is that there must be a law against it. I haven't heard of it, but I'm inferring that from your statement.

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