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Early decision needed for any Olympic delay, organizing committee member says


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Budweiser, Heineken and Asahi say...

hold my Corona beer.

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There is no way the Olympics can go ahead as scheduled. Even if the virus calms down in Japan, opening up to visitors from all over the world will reintroduce the disease. Besides that I think we are just at the beginning and things are going to get a lot worse. There isn't any hope that this will be over by July.

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I don't think they'll need to 'cancel' the Olympics as such - I think countries will start to say that they won't send a team. If the USA or Germany declare as such many others will follow suit.

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There isn't any hope that this will be over by July.

Yes you are quite correct. And even if new cases have dropped to zero around the world, which is highly unlikely, the risk of a resurgence would be just too high.

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People are crazy let them touch your forehead after it touch other with the thermometer

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Just postpone the Games now, and make plans for the next year or two.

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