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SoftBank's Son says he is 'afraid' about Tokyo 2020

By Sam Nussey

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SoftBank Group Corp CEO Masayoshi Son said on Thursday he is "afraid" of having the Olympics during the COVID-19 pandemic and expressed concern for both Japan and countries sending athletes to the Games in Tokyo.

the majority of us are.

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Adding up those who oppose those darned Olympics.

Hope more will follow!

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What a waste of space this article is.

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he is "afraid" of having the Olympics during the COVID-19 pandemic

PM Suga should be saying that

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Why is it a waste of space? One of the richest men in the world opposing the Olympics in his own country. Seems valid to me.

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How about the athletes competing online for medals...? Make it a big Nintendo fest.

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Too right. If this all goes belly up, anyone who promoted the Olympics in Japan, is going to face the most historic, biggest backlash ever known within the History of this Country's supposid Democracy. And those IOC promoters such as Sebastian Coe, may find themselves upon the Interpol Red list.

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Did y'all see this? (SoftBank son also quoted in the article, so kinda related). Rakuten has been trying to get the Japanese gov't to cancel the Olympics. He gave the gov't a 2/10 score on how they've handled the pandemic lol.

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They could have a fifteenth wave of Covid and these guys aren't going to budge; it's a face-saving game at this point.

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