tokyo 2020 olympics

Tokyo Olympics to open under unprecedented conditions

By Ayano Shimizu

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“Tokyo Olympics to open under unprecedented ‘siege’-conditions” - ONLY for its citizens & the rest of Japan. NOT the IOCLDPJOC and all their affiliated ilk.

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Well, a “siege” for mostly the unvaccinated:

- @Monty 7:29am: “At 8pm I will be in my Mom & Pop’s izakaya, the opening is on their TV so, I will also watch it a little bit. I can bring my own sake and so probably around 9pm I am already drunk. - First shot: Jul 2nd, Second shot: Jul 30th, (Ok...+2 weeks)... middle of Aug.”

Good for you friend. Enjoy it.

The IOCLDPJOC with no regard for their false promises made to the rest of the Japan.

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Their JOC Guidebook for Officials & Athlete and all Their promised “rules” have been ‘thrown out the window’:

- “It was also a decision that we made. We feel like we can control our safety better in a hotel setting.“ July 22  Cecile Landi, coach American gymnasts The U.S. women's gymnastics team are not staying at the Olympic Village in Tokyo's Harumi waterfront district and have moved to a nearby hotel instead.

The approved v.2 Guidebook released to the J public when the Games were announced as inevitable: -
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Their JOC Guidebook for Officials & Athlete and all Their promised “rules” have been ‘thrown out the window’:

I was yesterday evening in Shinjuku. Lot of and drunken foreigners!

The worst, along a closed Depato lot of homeless were sleeping in their boxes…

on their opposite sitting 5 alcohol drinking foreigners and from their cellphone loud music was playing.

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Play book .............more like a coloring in book and most of these idiots in the govt and the IOC still chewing on the end of the crayons, but half of them are still not sure which end to chewing on.

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This will be a health catastrophe.

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“Unity in diversity” is a good theme. People of diverse backgrounds are united in their disdain for this pathetic excuse of an Olympics.

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Superhero, so did you approach them and ask who they are, and how long they’ve been in the country?

You know there are thousands of foreigners living, working & studying in Japan, and uni&school holidays have just started. And if they were Olympics affiliated media personnel, they are free to roam around just like you and me, after their quarantine. You think they’re gonna stay in their hotels, when the majority of the local folks are showing them the example of how not to care about covid?

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@Superhero 3:45p is ‘new’ here @Vinke 4:28p but not necessarily ‘new’ to Japan; ) There were similar, additional ‘sightings’ in Kyoto, etc chronicled yesterday in “Little cheer in Tokyo for Olympics” Jul 22

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"Unprecedented" is one word for it.

If this article were ever to be translated into Japanese, might I suggest みっともない?

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many japanese people are still agaisnt the games.

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Superhero, so did you approach them and ask who they are, and how long they’ve been in the country?

Is this a serious question a year and half into a global pandemic? Jeez I thought us Westerners had "critical thinking" from the time we were birthed due to our superior culture? Did you miss out?

You approach a bunch of random inconsiderate and selfish drunk foreigners, you get COVID

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Even in normal times and in ideal ideal conditions, organizing any Olympic Games is a herculean task. Mighty Japan is showing the way. Hats off to the people of Japan for not letting down the athletes who have made enormous sacrifices to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Bring it on and all the best.

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Comments from @3:10pm have ONLY been about the ‘siege” on the common, hard-working, tax-paying people of Japan imposed by the IOCLDPJOC for the temporary foreign profiteers and Their Games.

No one’s blamed the Olympics *yet *@Tokyoite 5:31p for the recent rise in infections. -

(Covid, etc is ‘off-topic’ with this article and we shouldn’t waste the time on it here.

- @5:31p: “Which do you think is more likely the cause?”

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"Unprecedented?" Of course it's unprecedented! Even without Covid it would be unprecedented. If you think in terms of precedent, life is very sad and boring.

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It’s all eyes on the Olympics for now, what a wonderful time to be alive. So pleased it’s going ahead so we can all have a jolly good time with our family and our chums.

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Even without the pandemic, the summer 35ºC++ temperatures in Tokyo make this location for the Summer Olympics an idiotic choice. Add the pandemic into the mix with its increasing COVID numbers coupled with Japan’s low, slow vaccination rate and it is WAY BEYOND STUPID! Sad that the Japanese people tolerate their corrupt government…

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1000 spectators how many performers dancers ? They all safe ? Vaccinated or under some miracle ? Because well as you know 3 friends cant meet up for meals n drinks so just wondering . .

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Sitting in front of my vintage box T.V in distant Mumbai eagerly awaiting the start of the opening ceremony of the Olympics at 1630 hrs I.S.T. Now hoping for the best as a World wide television audience will be the only "LIVE SPECTATORS" to this unique Olympics in the history of the games.Thank you Tokyo. Having personally visited Tokyo in 1995 understand Japanese discipline and planning and as a professional speculator my odds are the games will be a "T.V Spectator" success. Ahoy !

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It’s all eyes on the Olympics for now, what a wonderful time to be alive.

I’ve been accused of being tone deaf at times.

This, however, takes the (pandemi)cake…

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Enjoy the games and take in the wonderful experience

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I really hope the Olympic Games are an exceptional fest for Japan, the athletes and the rest of the world. The huge efforts made in very difficult circumstances by so many people should make the country proud!

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"Most of the Japanese have mixed feelings with our taxes amid Covid. But still go for your dream. Welcome to Japan"

I can totally understand these feelings. It is scary times. But as I said in a comment before; we, as athlete, thank Japan for its hospitality and bravery to still organize the Games, and we will do everything in our power to keep each other and this beautiful country safe!

The Olympic athletes seem happy to be here despite everything. I am happy they are here. I will be cheering for them all.

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I saw one of fhe Argentines put his mask down and opened his mouth in celebration while entering and marching in the stadium!

I thought they should pay attention to rules! No wonder the virus is spreading.

unity means sympathies to the host who is only 20% vaccinated and others.

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