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Training begins for volunteer leaders of Tokyo Olympics


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They have started training volunteers BEFORE deciding even IF any spectators will be allowed to enter the stadiums. We already know that NO overseas fans will be coming. Its all turning into a very poor joke.

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Turning”? @MrKipling? This ‘Shiokawa’ has been rotting for more than a year now!

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Waste of time as Olympics will not happen in 2021.

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Everyone should boycott the Olympics and all their sponsors. Don't attend and don't watch. Volunteers should decide to phone in sick the day they are to start. Make Suga, Hashimoto, Bach, and everyone else involved suffer as much as the public is. Switch from Coke to Pepsi. The Olympics have been and will be the absolute ruin of Japan.

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Are the organizers and government not seeing that Japan's numbers are going the wrong way really fast!!!

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One of my students was a volunteer and she informed that the Games were going to probably be postponed a month before the govt. announced it.

A few weeks ago, she decided to quit being a volunteer after finding out that she wouldn't be getting vaccinated beforehand, in addition to all the other fiascos that have happened.

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I guess they're offering a crash course in cognitive dissonance

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Why oh why would anyone work for free for million dollar corporation and businesses.

Ask for a wage

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Tokyo Olympics?

Oh no, nothing to see here.

Move on, please.

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