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U.S. media say anti-COVID steps at Tokyo Olympics go against press freedoms


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Not the only freedom U.S. media and foreign residents in Japan should be concerned with:

JOC to watch for hateful online posts during Tokyo Olympics” - Jun 30

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The COVID-19 rule book released by the organizers states that foreign journalists cannot interview spectators or conduct interviews in Tokyo for their first 14 days in Japan

Just arrive 14 days before games really start so can interview spectators.

is expected to be used by up to 2,500 people per day.

2,500 people per day? That's another potential for outbreak.

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Fo’ sho Japan should be taking Covid-related advice from a country boasting a large percent of grossly uneducated conspiracy theorists, with well over half a million deaths from it.

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Anti covid - 19 guidelines do not go against press freedoms.

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Covid-19 protocols have no bearing on press freedoms.

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yet another example of the privileged crying #poor me

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The COVID-19 rule book released by the organizers states that foreign journalists cannot interview spectators or conduct interviews in Tokyo for their first 14 days in Japan. It also stipulates that they must turn on location information services on their smartphones at the airport and the data may be used by the organizers.

No interviewing the locals and GPS-monitored at all times? Is this the Pyongyang Olympics? What a beacon of hope for humanity this $30 billion sportsday is becoming!

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The whole shabang is mad, the J Gov has death on its hands for the rising number of suicides it has caused by not helping its citizens in their time of need, why didn't they monitor people getting into financial difficulties and help them

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Japanese people can’t spread the virus didnt you know? I saw it on tv

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ermm, hello, if you feel like your little "freedoms" being violated, then no need to come to see this cursed games. The fewer visitors, the better.

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And these are the same people who will probably turn up with 2 phones to evade the tracking apps, ignore all the safety protocols, go out drinking at night with their fellow hacks, and infect the unvaccinated and unprotected locals, all in the course of pursuing the story.

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Much, much earlier they should have discussed or implemented a vax passport as access permission for the foreign press. I oppose full GPS monitoring; it would be likely to breach.

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ban on visiting foreign journalists interviewing spectators and conducting interviews is a "clear overreach" targeted at them as media in Japan will not face the same restrictions, regardless of their vaccination status.

What , did you guys expect Japan to be some kind of proper democracy like the West? What if some of those interviewed express disaproval of the allmighty LDP or heaven forbid point out some of the BS that had been going on here over the past 2 years?....The "truth" of the govt narrative must be maintained and face protected at all cost.

calling for severe restrictions to be reconsidered with "respect to common sense and without stifling press freedoms."

Common sense from JOC and J-govt ?....what country do these outrageous foreigners think this is?

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The real problem are halfway measures being put forward without proper considerations and scientific basis (because listening to the scientists would mean cancelling the games) so the organizers end up making a chaotic, nonsensical collection of contradictory measures without logic. It is obvious that people in the worst end will complain about fairness.

The actual logical step (apart from not holding the games) is to treat everybody the same, with the strictest measures possible, and obviously including the Japanese personnel, media, volunteers, etc. After all Japan is a country with an uncontrolled spreading and important presence of the Delta variant.

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What on earth makes them think that Japan cares in the least about press freedom?

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The New York Times. An effete publication, the official organ of the status quo - apparently without a bureau in Japan. With a hoary collection of so-called journalists who are incapable of penning with any level of accuracy, the most mundane of events - clamoring to travel to a country that has purposefully restricted entry by foreigners to prevent further spread of an ongoing contagion.

The newspaper of record, decries the lack of F R E E D O M of the P R E S S, as if the particulars of the first amendment apply worldwide. Which typifies the arrogance of American culture. Expressing no concern or acknowledgement that there is a pandemic and it might be wise to limit foreign press from accessing the population for interviews. As if, that constitutes any manner of journalism or is necessary. As if you couldn't do so by telephone or other electronic devices.

Perhaps, the publisher should consult with his Science reporters to gain perspective on the current worldwide situation regarding SARSCoV-2.

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Freedom in Japan?

What do they expect?

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The press is free to conduct interviews via Zoom, smart phone, remote camera and other means to ensure non contact and spread of disease.

The foreign press needs to realize that their home rules and rights do not apply when crossing borders; and as guests they must respect the rules and regulations of the host country.

Especially now, when Japan is just starting to contain the pandemic while welcoming visitors from countries where it is not under control, common sense demands extra prudence.

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It should probably be noted by foreign press that Japanese are NOT required to self isolate for 14 days if returning from abroad.

After returning from overseas they are required to spend 3 days in a government facility and then mostly return to extended family environments to mix freely.

I am aware first hand of Japanese isolating at home with younger siblings, parents and elderly grandparents. numerous instances.

In summation the virus has been rampant here and possibly has mainly been through Japan in some form.

Low tests, no tests, people scared of their companies.

Hope the foreign press expose the messy haphazard local approach to the virus - but I fear the foreigners will take the blame for a spike totally caused by government ineptitude.

Enjoy your time in Japan they are a great people with a shitty government full of finger pointing old men garnishing perks & favours that mostly should of retired 25 years ago.

Japan definitely deserves much better.

Step aside Oji-sans let your young make your country even better. (This includes women too please)

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Especially now, when Japan is just starting to contain the pandemic"

Is Japan really containing it? The infections in Tokyo are increasing day on day for 3 weeks straight and in other news this afternoon not only are the company/uni vaccination efforts being suspended, cities such as Osaka are putting first rounds of vaccinations( that were already booked ) on hold as they have no word from the national govt. on more supplies coming in. Just when one thought govt incompetence can not get any worse - LDP outdoes itself.

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The people has the right to know about their athletes if this event moves forward. The local press is totally unfit and untrained to handle international interviews and press conferences.

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No, let the Japanese media do all the interviews. Let the world discover which food their female athletes like, how the female athletes manage to fit in housework duties while training and what their husbands do for a living. The collective jaw dropping will be spectacular.

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As long as whatever rules are made are enforced equitably, there are no valid grounds for protest.

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Another proof of subtle discrimination at its finest.

How can the local press handle international interviews, when they don't even speak broken English?

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I like what @tell_me_bout_it said.

The Playbook has been out for a week and you knew it was coming! If you don’t like it then keep your Press Ass in COVID19 ravaged USA. An I am an American so don’t you trolls start talking BS. We have plenty of local journalists that speak Japanese and English to get your precious interviews. Plus there will be no spectators anyway! They can’t speak Japanese so who they gonna interview? They just want to come to Tokyo and have a good time and claim they are on “Press Business”! We know the deal!

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There is no scientific reason why fully vaccinated and tested people should not be allowed into Japan for the Olympics. They act as if Coronavirus comes from foreigners and not them. Japan still has the lowest infection rates in the world. What you are seeing is the byproduct of a closed society. It breeds fear and suspicion of anyone who is not a member of the group (Japanese). It has been evident throughout this entire ordeal and will now receive a world spotlight.

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