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U.S. shot putter Saunders in first Olympic podium protest


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We stand with you, Raven, and your brave gesture on the world's biggest stage.

How sad that those who are quick to criticize and denigrate you, and even quicker to deny any racism in their countries, are the very first people to harshly criticize the people of other countries for being 'racist' (especially Japan).

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If she is violating the IOC rules then she should be punished as allowed.

She has plenty of other outlets in which to express her displeasure with what it is she is displeased.

As an American, I am happy for her win. As an American, I am not impressed with her blatant violation of the rules.

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I had a look around the internet as the article does not explain what an X gesture means. Just a generic “No”…?

Finally giving up.

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Updated IOC guidelines released last month say that disciplinary consequences for protests will be "proportionate to the level of disruption and the degree to which the infraction is not compatible with Olympic values."

Was there a disruption?

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