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Australia begins vaccinating Olympic athletes


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“We’re going into a pretty unknown situation over in Tokyo so to have this little (injection ) is a huge weight off everyone’s shoulders”

chance'd be a fine thing.... maybe if I identify as a world-class athlete....? (⌒▽⌒)

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The fact is that even after vaccination, you can still catch the disease, but you will sail through. This is what is practically happening in the world now... A few of my friends had the shots, but still caught it, and managed to do away with a mild infection.

An infected person, is still a carrier.

So now, we risk bringing in hundreds, if not thousands of potential carriers into Tokyo...

They have test events here..but a test is a test...In a software system, you conduct a test and say it's reasonably okay, because it's a controlled system.

Olympics is different..all you can test is your protocols.bThe actual scenario is going to be much more different... Because each human being and the environment are uncontrolled systems... And there are too many variables with so many people coming in. Hope good sense and humanity prevail and the IOC and JGovt. take the right decision

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Yep we had the mean spirited types screaming bloody murder over athletes given priority over the rest of the population, but by and large Aussies know the hard work that goes into becoming and Olympian and got behind our team. Private donor, well played.

As usual, Aussies just getting on with it in these trying of times.

The vitriol hatred , one sidedness and negativity of those trying their best to make enough noise to shut the games down has just made me wanna support our athletes now. Go for gold Aussie. Would be cool if we could tune into any sport being played by any country real time. That’d be a first.

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Could we just mail Australia all the medals and have done with this nightmare? Hopefully they would share a few with NZ.

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"but by and large Aussies know the hard work that goes into becoming and Olympian and got behind our team. "

For an Olympian, it's the physical work and sacrifices. People who study to become to notch engineers or doctors make sacrifices too... They work hard too.. night outs, endless research, all these. It's only that a sportsperson gives his best to the sport while others give it elsewhere...

It's time to prioritize human life ..not just one aspect of it.

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You shouldn’t have to knock one section down in order to feel that it’s your turn for respect mate. Aussies love their sports and sports hero’s. It’s a big uniting force in our culture. A good one.

In fact we celebrate the tops in any field well in Oz, but sports are just so accessible to young and old. No identity politics on the sports field. It’s as level a playing field as you are ever gunna get in life. Pity it can’t be replicated elsewhere.

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@ ricky kaminski13

You're right about Australians love of sport. I can't understand though why I can't leave the country but they can. To top it off I get to pay for that privilege.

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Don't come, we don't want you.

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Starbucks* if you are an Olympian, you’ve earned it. It’s a privilege I have zero issue with, and if the games are in fact to go on it’ll be nice to take pause for a few weeks and see the action. If it can be done it should. We will see within a fortnight, maybe less.

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@ rickykaminski

I went to events in 2000 and loved it but this is something different. If they postponed till next year I'd be on board and cheering with you. BUT I don't like this picking and choosing who can come and go is ridiculous.

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Do us all a BIG favor and stay home if you hold the slightest empathy towards those inflicted with tragedy here.

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Yes the Olympics affect young and old and so does the virus.

Olympics are not needed.

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Kyak* And that be your opinion which you are completely entitled to. I get it guys and am actually for postponing until next year. Just a bit of friendly banter and pushback to the cancel everything crew. Those happy souls that would be happy to see the Olympics cancelled entirely.

starbucks* how good was Cathy Freeman!!!

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@ ricky

It was fantastic. I can only think of the Americas cup win as being a more exciting time for Aussies. I went to the football final Spain v Cameroon if I remember correctly. My ex took a book thinking she'd be bored but the atmosphere so good everyone one got involved.

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Mate, I’m from Perth and saw Bondies big kangaroo parade in the streets when we won the America’s cup ! Our Prime Minister Bob Hawke on national tv,

”Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum." 

good times.

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I've cheered Australia's response to Covid, but I'll boo all athletes coming to Tokyo NOW, where we are not vaccinated and your teams will potentially spread new variants and where medical staff are being diverted to making sure you delicate sportsmen and women don't get sun stroke.

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Let's jab everyone as fast as possible. Now is the time to get the Olympic athletes, as they will be a little busy in June, July and August. We can get the non-athletes next in line.

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“We’re going into a pretty unknown situation over in Tokyo"

Campbell said.

You have noooooooo idea.

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