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Warholm obliterates his own world record in fast, fast Olympic hurdles


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I would hardly call .76 second difference “obliterating” his old record.

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it was incredible to watch!!

I would hardly call .76 second difference “obliterating” his old record.

In a competition where you can lose by a hundredth of a second, beating a world record by seventy six hundredths is indeed “obliterating”.

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Fantastic race! Norway's only 2nd gold in track & field ever, the last one being Vebjorn Rodal on 1500m in 1996 Atlanta Olympics. In Winter Olympics however...

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Road rage in the flesh. Stunning display.

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Karsten had an amazing run and yes this event was one of the best!

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That was incredible! I was expecting him to hit the wall at about 300-350 but he just kept powering! His technique over the hurdles is just so smooth!

 would hardly call .76 second difference “obliterating” his old record.

LOL, you are clearly out of your lane here. Let me break it down. 400m / 45.95 = 8.7 metres a second. Breaking his old record by .76 seconds is 6.6 metres! Nearly 22 feet if you are so inclined. Someone running that race at his old WR pace would have been 6.6 metres behind him as he finished. Yes, that is indeed OBLITERATE!

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This Olympics is kicking ass !

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NORWEGIAN DYNAMITE!!! Amazing hurdle!

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Kudos, both the Top 2 finishers broke the world record that stood for 29 long years!

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