Tokyo Games chief Hashimoto pledges all possible steps for safe Paralympics


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Not bringing in 140,000 children to watch is a possible step,

So is cancellation.

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More pledges and urges. After 20 months.

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Hollow words from yet another LDP/IOC controlled muppet.

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Here we go again.

Everything is safe.


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The number of daily infections has roughly tripled in Tokyo since the start of the Olympics on July 23

Strange, that.

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Akita prefecture governor Satake criticized Hashimoto she was using children as a tool to promote the event.

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It is full of politicians' sophistry.

Important is result, not words.

Already, infection of 144 related people are announced about Paralympics. 

safety rules will be followed by athletes and officials, and stressed that the Games can be held without risking their health or that of the public.

This was clearly falsehood about Olympics at least.

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I'm so tired of seeing her and Maruyama reading from a dang piece of paper. Yes, yes, safe and secure for whom? That's why Suga won't impose stricter measures because the contradiction of having the games and a "lock down" would be so glaringly irresponsible.

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Lies, lies and more lies.

Even though the "sacred" flame relay (introduced into the Olympics by the Nazis in 1936) has been prohibited from using public roads there was an event held in Setagaya's Kinuta Park yesterday that featured maskless groups of runners crowded together and a horde of police, uniformed and plain clothes, plus a crowd of supporters.

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And if you're being honest about safety and taking all possible steps, what step # is sending tens of thousands of school children to mass up and see the Games?

8 ( +10 / -2 )

That's what you said for the Olympics. How many infections since then?

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Same old rhetoric - safe and secure, safe and secure. That MIGHT have been the case at the Olympics where more were vaccinated, but how can inviting 130,000 unvaccinated kids to the games “safe and secure?”

On TV, they will be spaced out to try and show social distance, but show us how all those kids get to the stadiums and get home again…..will they all be crammed onto school buses or trains?

5 ( +6 / -1 )

That pledge is simply not possible!!! Can't be done, not with all the staff going in and out and 140,000 kids going in and out! Who are you trying to kid? You think we are all stupid!

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It is strange there is no voice from the side of Paralympics that they cancel the event in view of the serious COVID 19 situation in Japan. Many doctors and nurses be mobilized for the event.

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"One of the questions I have been asked quite often is, can we have safe Games? And the answer is yes," he said at the press conference. "We would not be here if we did not believe that we could deliver a safe Games."

Shameful how this guy straight up LIES, totally disrespecting the people of Japan, just like bach did & continuing to get people sick & killed for sport......

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Same old rhetoric - safe and secure, safe and secure. That MIGHT have been the case at the Olympics where more were vaccinated, but how can inviting 130,000 unvaccinated kids to the games “safe and secure?”

Many of the kids might already be infected from the wide spread community spread of the delta variant. For all we know, the kids have never been tested and will not be tested and despite the massive community spread it is assumed they are all negative and not seen as part of the chain of the spread of this virus.

Everyday we read here on JT just for Tokyo 800 plus cases are under 19, and somewhere inside most people they think it is 800 nineteen year old, well 19 is almost like 20 and we have been told the 20s don't get serious when infected and are responsible for the spread. so nobody even the officials pay any attention to this wide age group who with a brain will group a pre-school kid with even a junior high school kid.

If this age group was broken down further into pre-school, elementary school, junior high and high school age, groups, the alarm bells will start ringing if people read of many cases of pre-school and elementary school kids being infected. Unfortunately, there is zero awareness of this very young age group despite thousand of kids being infected daily they have been allowed to fly under the radar, there is no talk of testing kids before schools resume. I guess the towel has already been thrown in as the situation is out of hand and is "shoganai "

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The IPC said 161 countries and regions, in addition to the refugee team, will compete in the 13-day games through Sept 5.

161 countries doesn't mean anything if there is no breakdown of the number of athlete and number of delegates. Some of these countries are just represented by delegates and no athletes. It is an opportunity for delegates in mostly poor countries to travel and do some shopping for gadgets. One athlete accompanied by 10 delegates is not something to rave about.

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so they are really going to send children to watch this during this time of severe COVID infection?

Wouldnt those children have to have adults present with them?

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Another master of talking out of both sides of their mouth at the same time. Or maybe it's talking out of two different holes, I dont know, but she is a master.

What's worse, is she actually thinks people will believe her!

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Lip-service. Or they probably think we're fools.

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All possible steps or other easy access mechanisms.

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