Tokyo Olympic sponsors asked to pay more


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The Tokyo Olympics are a CURSE on Japan.

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With a little luck enough of the sponsors will pull out trying to stop the money hemorrhage the games have become and the whole thing will have to be cancelled.

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A University of Oxford study says they are the most costly Summer Games on record.

In a perfect world, the people and institutions that were in favor of the Tokyo bid several years back should be the ones to pay. The people like me, who predicted from the start it would be a waste of money and vehemently opposed it, should pay nothing.

Anyway, everyone's gonna pay, that includes you folks in Shikoku, Hokkaido or where ever. Expect bigger tax bills. LOL.

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“Sorry everyone, we need to give Dentsu some more money and these brown paper bags aren’t going to fill themselves, are they?”

14 ( +15 / -1 )

maybe the crooked IOC could pay more with their bribe money?

13 ( +14 / -1 )

I do not know who the analysts are but I am an expert myself and Dentsu gets a whole lot more than 15%. it’s usual commission is between 20 and 30 % and it will in most cases ask for servicing and activation contracts aswell.

But the main problem here is that it is completely unacceptable to charge more for a postponement. A sponsorship is not a donation but money/product contract for a return on investment. These contracts are between the local organising committee and the sponsor. Dentsu has a contract with the LOC for commissions from every sponsor and that is an exclusive contract. For servicing, advertising and activation Dentsu makes direct contracts with each sponsor.

BUT , in return for the money the LOC must organise the games within the agreed contract term( end 2020) and it did not do so. Now, that sometimes happens and then the organisor ask the sponsor to accept the postponement but NEVER to pay more. That is morally and ethically NOT DONE. If anything , the sponsor has the right to request a refund, usually that will or should be stipulated in the contractminus up to 20 % to cover the organisors fees or costs. Asking more from the sponsors, several of them bailed out already by the taxpayer is just sick.

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Jeff Kingston, who teaches Japanese politics at Temple University in Tokyo, described Dentsu as a kingmaker. The company's name is almost never mentioned in public by Tokyo Olympic officials, nor by top politicians or the IOC.

"Dentsu's influence is pervasive from the newsroom to the prime minister's office," Kingston wrote in an email. "It is a driving force to keep the Olympics on track despite the grave risks."

Is Dentsu an advertising/marketing company or some terrible elder god whose name we are too scared to utter and to whom we must sacrifice our livelihoods, health and wealth?

10 ( +10 / -0 )

The whole venture is corrupt to the core, better to have cancelled it.

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you can't fly high like an eagle if you rub with (IOC) turkeys.

8 ( +9 / -1 )

It is time to write off the Olympics for next year. There aren't going to be any. Hoping for them does not even seem to be wishful thinking. It seems to be a con trick to extract even more money from whoever will still fall for it.

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Couldn’t organize a puss up in a brewery. Cancel the dam thing and call it a day. More pressing issues at hand. Use all the facilities to care for COVID patients and ask for volunteers to help with the shortage of nurses.

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Viewership of pro sports in the US dropped dramatically after athlete political statements. Not saying they were right or wrong, just a fact. Sponsors are taking on a lot of risk that political actions by athletes at the Olympics will also chase away viewers. Sponsors should be demanding a refund.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

The Tokyo Olympic is a curse from the devil

6 ( +9 / -3 )

What did I say earlier? Get more MONEY from them, we need more !!!!

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Asinine. How much is Dentsu contributing? There are more important things to be considering now in this pandemic as there was when Abe and cronies submitted Tokyo as a candidate, e.g. over 100,000 displaced from the tsunami and earthquake.

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As an average Taro, I have switched on my Shoganai, shiyanai mode.

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Dentsu is infamous for its corruption & ties to politics & pretty much OWNS Japan's media market, they have been a plague on Japan for very long time

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The japanese government serves Dentsu, not its residents or taxpayers.

Dentsu ought to include the nation of Japan in the next fiscal year reporting. Dentsu takes a huge cut of pretty much every “stimulus” package so far.

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Ten years from now when we look in a business manual under terms and definitions, 'Pimp' will be referenced by a mention of Dentsu and the 2020/21 Tokyo Olympic Scandal. Who knows, 'Pimpsu' might have even caught on as an expression for an individual or corporation that wallet rapes individuals or tax payers into years of servitude for their dodgy financial gains.

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Olympics 2020 is now most costly Olympics unlike original concept.

Present Olympics is tool for business or politics.

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The pit that keeps on taking.

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Not that surprising. The big sponsors are actually getting an extra year of advertising because of the 1-year postponement for the same price they originally paid. BUT if the Olympics can't be held this year, those sponsors won't want to pay anymore. All a bit of a gamble really.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Wrong and wrong plus wrong and wrong again, as simple as that.

Why would businesses have to pay for the mistakes made by Abe and Koike ? Why are they still free ?

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Japan should ask IOC to pay more or hijack there assets and organisation as a competition permanently if they refuse

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