Tokyo government to pay a quarter of new Olympic stadium cost


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What an unconscionable waste of the taxpayer's money! There is really nothing more to say than that.

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Have the private sector pay for it

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Tokyo Government to pay the bill? Shouldn't that be the Tokyoites pay the bill?

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We in Kumamoto are delighted to foot our portion of a stadium that the vast majority of us will never visit.

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The Tokyo government will pay 39.5 billion yen ($320.8 million) of the total cost.

Imagine how many day-care centers and staff that could buy to make it easier for female workers, which Tokyo and the country dsperately need. Or what it could do to solve Tokyo's homeless problem. Yup, great priorities Japan. Mark my words, when the Olympics are over, and Tokyo/Japan will still be facing the myriad of social problems it has today. And foolish decisons like this will be to blame.

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They're the Tokyo Olympics, the city of Tokyo campaigned for them when most of the rest of the country said meh - shouldn't Tokyo be paying a whole lot more than a measly quarter of the cost? At least half?

If the national government has so much money to throw around, I suggest they use it to get the people in Tohoku out of their temporary accommodation and if there's any left, abandon all plans to tax our food. Laguna and others in far-flung parts may never get to visit a posh new sports stadium in Tokyo, but I'm sure they do need to eat every day.

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In other words, Japanese people will foot 100% of the bill.

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Ishihara's ghost haunts Tokyo again. Thanks to his unilateral decision to bid for the third time and wasting millions on that alone, tax payers get to lose MORE of their money on this money pit BEFORE the Games! We all know they'll lose heaps more for decades AFTER the Games. I hope the mayor has made it crystal clear that it's the people that will be paying for it.

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Oh the construction company cronies will be rubbing their hands in glee! Brown envelopes for all!

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Do they even have a new design for it yet? I haven't seen a thing...

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Hang on, first things first! They need to come up with an original logo yet! LMAO.

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hopes to choose a new design proposal by the end of the year

then develop detailed plans with a view to breaking ground in early 2017

So nothings actually happened yet except for wishing. Even if its done, the concrete will probably still be wet during the opening ceremony.

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The Tokyo government will pay 39.5 billion yen ($320.8 million) of the total cost. The national government will pay half, or 79.1 billion yen ($640 million), and proceeds from a national sports lottery will cover the remaining 39.5 billion yen.

Enough is enough. The Olympics are nothing but corporate welfare. What a disaster for Japan. Perhaps it is time to end these destructive designs that pay private interests in the name of sport. How this continued betrayal of the "Olympic Sprit" is tolerated is despicable.

Again, as repeated ad nauseam, regional facilities must be adopted for the sake of the Olympics, not in opposition to the noble efforts and dedication of individuals. The gerbil wheel of destruction is an IOC failure. This competition to drain the resources of every "host" nation every four years is sick making.

Stop the corruption of the IOC. This monstrous waste speaks for itself. Disgusting.

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