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Tokyo governor hits out at 'ridiculous' bill for 2020 Olympics


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Don't pay it.

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The question that I still haven't seen answered is when this bill came up. Is it something that came out of nowhere just recently, or had the metropolitan government agreed to foot some of the costs when the original proposal was put forward? If Tokyo had agreed to foot some of the costs when the original proposal was put forward, then we need to know more details about what they agreed to. Without that information, we can't know whether Masazoe is out of line, or whether the federal government is.

If it was never discussed until recently that the metropolitan government would be expected to bear some of the costs, then Masazoe is entirely justified in his reaction, and the federal government is out of line.

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I hope the Olympic Committee takes this unorganized gong show into consideration next time Japan applies to host the Olympics. There was absolutely no reason for them to bid on the Olympics if they were not prepared to deal with the cost and infrastructure.

With only 5 years left, I highly doubt we will see Fukushima and the rest of Tohoku recovered as promised either.

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It is not the "Japan" Olympics; it is the "Tokyo" Olympics. In the US, the city hosting the Olympics foot the entire bill save for some Federal security contributions. Down here in Kumamoto, we will see no new facilities, no economic stimulus, no events - and most will not even attend (probably not even Kumamon) - yet we are being asked to contribute? THAT is ridiculous.

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Can't Cpt Blinky pay it form the bank he set up?

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It is not the "Japan" Olympics; it is the "Tokyo" Olympics. In the US, the city hosting the Olympics foot the entire bill

But this isn't the US, and all that matters is what the original proposal was, as there is no rule that the city has to pay and not the country (or vice versa). So if the Olympic committee put forward their proposal based on the federal government paying, then they have no right to suddenly invoice the metropolitan government.

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Tokyo governor hits out at 'ridiculous' bill for 2020 Olympics

Good on him. This whole fiasco was simply driven by Abe's ego, and his desire to have a legacy. About time a government official stepped up and spoke with a voice of reason. I mean this is tax-payer money that's being spent afterall. Bet that 50 billion yen could just easily build enough child-care centers to wipe out the backlog in Tokyo.

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The London Olympic stadium cost 100 billion yen, and that was considered relatively cheap if I remember rightly. I predict that the Japanese effort will spiral up and up, don't be surprised if it reaches 250 billion yen. They don't seem to do things cheaply here, just think of the cost of all the construction people standing around waving flags. Of course they could always steal the Nepalese workers from Qatar's World Cup sites....

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"We’re asked to foot the bill for barrier-free design and air conditioning"

With no more retractable roof in the plan, I'd surely question the need for air conditioning.

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Allow me quote a great philosopher, ''Remember Doc, you asked for it.''

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Since Japan has no money to host these games, maybe they can share the games with South Korea.

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Since Japan has no money to host these games, maybe they can share the games with South Korea.

better they check with their neighboring countries if they will definitely participate if not much smaller facilities and big savings can be possible.

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The Japanese Olympic committee and Abe lied about so many things to get the Olympics, including being able to cover the costs. It's quite disgusting that they have not received any kind of penalty for their lies and deceitful behavior. It doesn't set a good precedent for future Olympic bids. They first stated all the events would be held in Tokyo, which turned out to be a complete fallacy. They then went on to brag about the huge and fancy stadiums, which are now being downgraded and remodeled because they can't afford to build them. And, my personal favorite is, Abe telling the IOC that Fukushima dai-ichi is under control, even though it is still pouring thousands of tons of radioactive water into the pacific. It's all just blatant lies!

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Don't pay it. then the national gov will just supply less funding to Tokyo each yr until its paid, if they expect the national gov to foot the full bill then the national gov should reap all the profits from the Olympics and all future sports held at the stadium.

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It doesn't matter if it is "Tokyo Olympics" or "Japan Olympics". Tokyo is Japan.

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Send the bill to Abe and Ishihara, it's their baby.

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Too late now. Tokyo is stuck with this. People who voted for this should pay for it.

Who wanted this Olympic in the hottest month in Japan to begin with? Tokyo Olympic 2020 is very irresponsible as there is no risk assessment and vision. You know there will be a lot of foreigners, not prepared, will suffer with a heat stroke, some of them may die. I believe the whole Olympic was aggressively campaigned by small interest groups and selfish people in Japan. What a mess. In my opinion, now you need to do best you can to accommodate it. When you made a commitment, you just do not walk away.

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Olympic games ALWAYS go over budget. Costs always 'spiral' and 'explode.'

Surely most people on this site know this???

People expressing surprise are like those who are shocked to find politicians aren't honest. :-)

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Laguna: "It is not the "Japan" Olympics; it is the "Tokyo" Olympics."

If that's the case, then why isn't Masuzoe's demands that if Tokyo cover so many costs that it not be renamed "Tokyo Stadium" instead of being known as the "National Stadium" being met by the government? They are insisting it be called the latter, despite demanding Tokyo pay. And don't go saying it's the "Tokyo" Games as though it only affects Tokyo when the ENTIRE nation was used in the bid. As for being distributed throughout the nation -- that will cost MUCH more in the end, and is a ridiculous idea regardless.

"Tokyo will renege on its bid commitment "

Anyone surprised? Japan is getting what it asked for. Now Ishihara and Abe get to have their legacy while making everyone else pay for it.

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Like it or not, its not gonna be cheap..... in those days when first Olympic kicked off, we could probably house all participants in one or two open stadiums and cheap.....Nowadays, we are talking about No. 1 World Class event, and Japan is not cheap either in practically everything.... Y50 billion for a Stadium???? hhhhmmmm.... this first bill is just the tip of an iceberg, the cost will spiral upward as the date gets nearer....but being able to host 2020 Olympic, surely a possible worthy pride of the nation...!!!

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