Tokyo governor warns of spiralling 2020 Olympics costs


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“We will continue to monitor the situation and see how they react.”

This, even AFTER the IOC has clearly said "admit female members or lose golf" to the club. No no NO! Just take it away from them. Period. Give the Games to a club with the spirit of the Games; something that is all-inclusive and not bigoted.

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Tokyo is building six venues and we have made significant reductions to the costs.

This is the problem right here. "Building." Tokyo is a world-class city with world-class sporting venues already available. These Olympic Games could use those facilities and make an easy profit, as Los Angeles did in 1984 when they used their perfectly-functional 1932 Olympic Stadium again (it's still in use now) and a whole host of other stadiums, arenas, dormitories, etc. Tokyo could do this, but the government and the construction companies (but I repeat myself) are skimming off the taxpayers' money at a level that is surprising even for them.

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” Koike said. “Tokyo has a heavy responsibility to make the 2020 Games a success.” THIS IS CORRECT--BUT DO IT CHEAPLY, WHY--BECAUSE YEAR AFTER YEAR COSTS ARE RISING ! M

0 ( +0 / -0 ) Los Angeles did in 1984 when they used their perfectly-functional 1932 Olympic Stadium again

Los Angeles has a much lower threshold for financial shenanigans - that's why we did without a pro football team until the NFL caved and agreed to self-finance. Japan's tradition is quite converse. Too many fingers in the pot - and it was all so obvious from the beginning.

Hand over the games to some Angelinos and we'd give you some great games at cost along with a bucketload of severed fingers.

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"four times more than initially planned"

Is anyone surprised?

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4X initially planned! Do I hear 5X?

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She is stating on current situation but there will be advertising income, more than LA ill get The. Japanese companies that advertising in any US sport fields will be inning up the chance to advertise in more affluent Japan.

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