Tokyo, IOC dismiss study showing Olympic costs rising


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Don't like what you hear..dismiss it. That's a very adult reaction. Wonder how much the meeting to decide to dismiss it cost? They arnt going to be happy when they hear what people think but again they will dismiss such churlish behavior from underlings

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Muto...." I'm just simply confused".

Spoken like a true leader, inspiring confidence in his ability to be in charge of ... anything. The photo is telling.. 2 senile fossils who really should be enjoying their sunset days in an onsen somewhere, not leading the Olympic preparations.

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Tokyo, IOC dismiss study showing Olympic costs rising

From the article its clear that they aren't actually disputing the substance of the study, they just don't want to talk about it because its embarrassing.

Which is their way of confirming that the study is accurate. Which might make for a better headline.

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Tokyo, IOC dismiss study showing Olympic costs rising

Of course! It's not their money.

Trebles all round!

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Gold for the Japanese in the "ostrich event".

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“Well, I am aware of the report in the media. But there was no official statement given to the Tokyo organizing committee,"

And therefore it simply does not exist! How can it if I close my eyes, plug my ears, and sing at top volume with my mouth LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!

“I’ve taken the view that I’ve got more productive things to do with my time than to analyze that report and respond to it,”

Like brown envelopes with your name on them; much more lucrative to "read" over what's in those. Or requests to be wined and dined at the cost of taxpayers in the target city.

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In in a mere two or three years when reviewing bids for the 2030 winter Games, which Sapporo/Japan wants, and they talk about the BILLIONS of dollars over that Tokyo cost, even if not held, Mori will be dead but you'll have the new crop of the JOC saying, "It was entirely unpredictable and could not have been foretold that costs would be so high. There were no reports indicating -- wait... there were? -- well, that is the fault of the people in power at the time. WE, on the other hand, promise transparency, and the most compact and cost-effective Games ever put on! Now, excuse me, I have a number of construction company heads on the other line vying for contracts."

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Its really just posiible the Olympics next year will be forced to happen. A debacle waiting to happen but theres money to be made for some.

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