Tokyo launches design competition for new Olympic logo


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How about a pair of golden arches. They could represent triumph and gold medal. Or the swastika? Buddhist symbol of world peace.

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@Moonraker Decent answer: If you read the participation guideline you would've seen that your suggestions wouldn't be accepted for examples 4, 5 and 6 on page 5 in the first place. Anyway, good luck everyone trying.

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let's see if they can screw this up again

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sf2k: I read on another news site a few days ago that one they were considering, or else just another emblem for Tokyo during the Olympics but not the main emblem for the Games, also ended up being stolen from the logo of a bank in New Zealand. I didn't see the news anywhere else, though, so it might have been a hoax.

Anyway, how much do you want to bet that even though they've wasted time and money even announcing that they will do this (probably after much deliberation) they'll still choose a design from some large, overblown design firm that has connections to some government officials, when already they have had the people's popular choice (the Japanese fan) for MONTHS now?

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Yes, saitamaliving, I know that and you know that. We are not the plagiarising type. This was a suggestion for those who don't know what plagiarism is or who think it is ok and won't be caught. It was kinda ironic, as I think you know.

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What's wrong with using the logo that was used in the bidding process ?

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Or the swastika? Buddhist symbol of world peace.

Except that the "swastika" is made from two entwined "Ss" whereas the Buddhist symbol is composed of two "Zs"...

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