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Tokyo Olympic bid chief vows 'safe' Games after Boston blasts


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is this really the time to bring this up? sounds kind of jerkish, like anyone can "ensure safety" or anything.

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@ marcelito

"it if other candidate cities used the 3.11 earthquake / Fukushima card to prove they have a " stronger city function " and " safe pair of hands". ...tool"

Thank You!

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sounds very 'insensitive' in view of yesterday's tragedy.

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What a low thing to say! Comparing the Boston bombings to Tokyo saying its safer. I'll tell you from the point of view from a Tokyo resident.... Tokyo is not safer. A massive earthquake could take place while the Olympics were held here and kill thousands of people, it could even claim lives at the 2020 Olympics.

For this man to say that...I almost feel like he has done more damage to Tokyo's chance for the Olympic bid.

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And that is just the kind of outburst to attract the attention of these kinds of merciless expletives.

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone!" Tokyo is no stranger to terrorism or violence!

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No one can promise safety. Only a fool believes such a promise.

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"Tokyo Olympic bid chief vows 'safe' Games after Boston blasts"

Oh no he didn't.... can't belive a man of this postion would make such a foolish remark like that..... how did he ever qualify for such a high position....well he's done it now..he has put his foot in his mouth and severely damaged his reputation and chances of gaining this bid!

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Politicians capitalize on pain and fear to further their positions. You truly expected otherwise?

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First of all, Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world,” Masato Mizuno, chief executive officer of the city’s Olympic bid committee, said. “We’ll do our best to prevent any of those wrongdoings.”

Tokyo is only as safe as the media is allowed to report on it. Meaning like any municipality in Japan there are countless numbers of crimes that never hit the press and stay under the radar. If the "true" facts and figures were ever released the people in this country would have their "heiwa boke" bubbles popped and fall into shock.

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Mizuno should know it is not very "clever" to reference a tragedy that happened less than 12 hours ago for personal gain. And also, I always thought Mizuno sports gear was garbage.

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Ita the right time to talk about it. Mizuno is right.

-12 ( +2 / -14 )

Mizuno, a former chairman of sporting goods giant Mizuno, said groups that conduct such acts of violence know it is “not very clever” to target the Olympics and become the “enemy of the whole world.”

What an idiot. First, these groups have already declared themselves enemies and despise the world. Second, a high profile target is essential to their purpose, otherwise they'd be bombing supermarkets in backwaters. Which leads us to:

“We’ll do our best to prevent any of those wrongdoings.”

Thanks, but somehow 'your best' doesn't really fill me with confidence, seeing as you're already assuming these groups wouldn't want to attack the Olympics. Complacent fool.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Extremely undiplomatic.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

I think Tokyo just lost it's Olympic bid...

9 ( +12 / -3 )

As Boston wallows in trepidation, the chief of a highly respectable organization, acts upon political expediency. In any measure, his words will only illuminate the degree of ethical and moral depravity upon those, who wield power and influence portray in this country..

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Tokyo is indeed a safe city, and it's fair to tout that relative safety as part of an overall bid for a large event like the Olympics.

But to somehow claim immunity from terrorism publicly not 24 hours after a bombing in an otherwise relatively safe major city? That's pretty low. Major violent attacks may be rare in Tokyo, but they are rare in most of the developed world. They stick out in our minds in part because they are so rare. Tokyo may be safe for a large city, but a cursory look at its history shows that it's far from immune to violent mass killings, and I don't need to list them here. Is Mizuno really going to claim that terrorist attack is so much less likely than most other candidate cities?

If I were on the IOC, I'd take these comments as a strike against Tokyo's bid, unless the city's government wishes to quickly distance themselves from them.

it is "not very clever" to target the Olympics and become the "enemy of the whole world."

I don't think making enemies deters terrorists and other mass murderers.

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Mizuno's comments are... unfortunate.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Looks to me like Mizuno's taking a not-so-subtle poke at Istanbul, which was having terrorist troubles with Kurdish separatists until quite recently.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Hmmm, if America can't protect itself then why would you think Japan is safe?

There will always be such people who will try to profit off of tragedy in some way.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

Tokyo is indeed a safe city,

Safety is relative.

Hmmm, if America can't protect itself then why would you think Japan is safe?

Apples and oranges.

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Very bad taste. Although an isolated event, does he remember AUM Shinri Kyo?

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“First of all, Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world,” Masato Mizuno, chief executive officer of the city’s Olympic bid committee, said. “We’ll do our best to prevent any of those wrongdoings.”

What a putz. Yeah, Tokyo is one of the safest cities... unless you're talking about random knife attacks.

Boston isn't exactly a cesspool of terrorism. The last act of terrorism there was the Boston Tea Party 250 or so years ago. And for Mizuno to imply that Boston DIDN'T "do their best to prevent any of those wrongdoings" is just about as low-class as you can get. Newsflash for you, Misato: A "gomenasai" isn't going to cut it with America. You can bet the U.S. will be throwing all the support they can behind Istanbul's bid after your (deleted) move.

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Downright creepy. Trying to capitalize on Boston's tragedy. Way to go Mizuno.

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Tokyo couldn't ensure it has enough toilet paper, let alone that it is safe. Or lest we forget, the terrorist attacks of the Aum cult. Yet watch them talk about how Boston is an example of how Japan 'deserves' the games.

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Mizuno sounds like a vulture, preying on a tragic event. And I'm sure he remembers his city - Tokyo - suffering a terrorist attack in '95 that was far, far bigger than the poor Bostonians. It's very possible this dope has lost some votes for Tokyo.

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What everybody else above said. Low, insensitive, and despicable to be trying to gain an advantage over such a horrible incident. Boston was hardly a cesspit of violence and terror before this attack. It can happen anywhere at anytime and there is shag all beyond a certain point that you can do to prevent it. Thanks to this putz all eyes of the world are on Tokyo yet again for the wrong reasons - including now the eyes of some lunatics who are probably taking Mizunos comments as a direct challenge.

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Timing is poor but it's the next question/issue that IOC will surely address considering marathon is a big event in the Olympics.

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

Completely inappropriate. There have been numerous deaths and newly made amputees less than 24 hours ago, and here is this Mizuno already saying "Pfft, wouldn't happen to us."?! For shame.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

I agree the timing was rotten - better to have said nothing - but what was he going to say? That they aren't going to let the Aum nut cases loose so problem solved?

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Many posters blasting this guy for bad timing to assure safety for the Tokyo Olympics are assuming he just brought this topic up on his own... did it ever occur to anyone that maybe he was simply answering the barrage of questions from the press who would no doubt be inclined to ask such questions regarding safety?

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

This is just downright terrible and just highlights the lingering sense of superiority that Japan seems to think it has over the rest of the world. I really really really want the Olympics to be here, but I think this just blew it. To show how insensitive you are to the international community as a whole is against the whole spirit of the Games.

This reminds me of an incident I had with an elderly Japanese student. I was telling him about how terrible Hurricane Sandy was, how many people died, how there was billions of dollars worth of damage, and how many were left homeless. He simply brushed it aside and said that more people died in the earthquake on 3.11. I guess Japan does everything better.

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Someone remind him of this date: March 20th 1995

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North Korea has a target.

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During the peak hours, Tokyo is chaotic unlike Boston. Office workers are pushed inside the bullet train as Sardine. People rush to go to work without concern for safety.

Mizuno has insulted Boston which was a birthplace of revolution of USA. I hope Terrorists will not kick him like a Boston tea party.

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Octagon - please, bullet trains are not packed like sardines. Granted, the Metro and Trains maybe but definitely not the bullet trains.

And Yes, insulting comment for someone in the Olympic committee

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I hope this comment further helps lose the Olympics for Japan -- with people like Mizuno they are clearly not deserving.

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Such a stupid talking!

Mr. Mizuno seems like forgetting Aum attacks - happened in Tokyo. Much a worse terror than Boston. And why Tokyo is safe? Every day recently someone attack by knife in a street, it seems like. And maybe soon huge earthquake will come in a Tokyo. And how many times do we read about nuclear disaster is out of a control recently? Absolutely, Tokyo is not safe for Olympics. We cannot stop terror, nor other disasters too.

But, most importantly, Mr Mizuno is a very bad manner. Boston is still with a blood in a street. Why he can say, "Look! Foreigner city is dangerous, so please come to Japan.

So rude! So stupid!

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“First of all, Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world,

First of all you should have said something about the lose of life, instead of turning into something about you.

Mizuno, a former chairman of sporting goods giant Mizuno, said groups that conduct such acts of violence know it is “not very clever” to target the Olympics and become the “enemy of the whole world.”

North Korea anyone?

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I use to live in Japan and it is not as safe as they claim it is. They still have murders over there, and etc. They do not publish it the way we do here in America. Lets take a look in the 90's the sarin gas. You do have serial killers over there too. So Japan needs to get off their high horse and not be so insulting.

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