Tokyo Olympic bid prepared for every twist and turn


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Tokyo Olympic bid prepared for every twist and turn

Think so? Forgot to tell Inose about "foot-in-mouth" disease!

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A 9.0-magnitude earthquake sent a huge wall of water into its northeastern coast, killing some 19,000 people and triggering fears over the safety of the nuclear plant at Fukushima.

Oh and pray tell, (heaven forbid it happens) but how in the world could Tokyo be prepared if something like this happens during the games?

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Not prepared enough for the likes of Inose.

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Be Prepared, what are they boy scouts? That is their motto.

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Due to the radiation hazard I don't think Tokyo would be a good choice. If held in southern Japan that would be different. I am pulling for Spain.

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the WHOLE olympic spirit in Japan is annoying. Something Tokyo does not need is 1) olympics 2) bringing more people. It is HELL here already, too many people. Can't imagine having the olympics here. But the Japanese treat it like Disneyland. "Everyone" likes it! Sigh!

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Mizuno, who was keen to highlight Tokyo represented a pair of safe hands and financially was secure with a reserve fund of $4.5 billion, said a win for Tokyo would also be a welcome boost nationwide after the catastrophic tsunami on March 11, 2011.

I am sick and tired of them using 3.11 as bait for pity!

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As a former athlete, I'd be concerned about the air quality. From the pictures and videos I've seen of Tokyo lately, I'd say it's a no-go, a pipe dream, a figment of the imagination worthy of spending $4.5 billion (that's dollars, folks, not Yen). As for the 2019 Rugby World Cup venue, it's money spent; why add to the pain?

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Win on merits not pity, no Japan Olympics for 2020 until all 3.11 problems are fixed and everyone is not living in temporary shelters!

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He who pays the biggest bribe to the OOC will get the Olympics.

Hope Japan is outbid, we don't need that tax payer vaccum here.

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"Be Prepared" sounds more like a warning than motto. Does this have anything to do with the comments about terrorism after the Boston City marathon?

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