Tokyo Olympic CEO says no need for Takeda to resign


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"Nothing to see here folks, move on!"

"What about the continued bribery scandals?"

"Oh yeah there is THAT.."

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"As you know, Mr Takeda is saying that he's completely innocent," Muto said. Innocent until proven guilty. The hypocrisy couldn't be starker.

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The olympics has a history of bribery and corruption. Just bow deeply, apologize, and get away with it.

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Sure! Whatever, if that's OK in your organization. But there is a need for prosecution under common law... so, there is that.

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Muto: "There is no need for Takeda to resign despite being investigated in a bribery scandal. As you know he says he is completely innocent. As you also know, he is quite rich, and is a close friend of many other people. Look, if this were just a person that could not contribute to the wealth of the elite, we would absolutely be sure to follow the laws and régulations and he would be forced to resign. It is a matter of honor. But since the honorable Mr. Takeda is who he is, he Simply must be believed and continue to make money in his current role, and helping to ensure others on the Olympic committees get their income as well."

The inner thoughts of Muto, and probably outer as well.

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"As you know, Mr Takeda is saying that he's completely innocent," Muto said, speaking through an interpreter.

But of course he is!

And you know this.... how???

I mean, the French and Japanese authorities haven't had a chance to detain him and extract a confession from him, so....

He must be innocent??!!??

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This article is in 'Sports'.

'no need for another top Japanese official to resign'

'Mr Takeda is saying that he's completely innocent'

'giving Takeda the presumption of innocence'

'prosecutor's office has consistently refused comment and has declined to talk about details'

As others have said; it's basically just a massive Troll session on the G-man.

But i guess it must be noted it's the French prosecution office not the Japanese one going after this case which explains the different treatment.

Just btw, was the Tokyo Bid money was private funds, or was that our Tax money being thrown around?

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Muto put on mute button

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Just because you say it does not make it so! I'd believe it if it came from the French investigators!

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...the bidding process now "was absolutely transparent. ... The whole process itself is far more transparent and open, including to the media.

Methinks a trip to 'Specsavers' is necessary, if they believe the current process is transparent.

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"As you know, Mr Takeda is saying that he's completely innocent," Muto said, speaking through an interpreter.

see Japan the rest of the democrat world accepts innocent until proven guilty, even Mr Takeda is presumed innocent until a court/jury convicts him "guilty as charged"

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