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Tokyo Olympic committee says city is 'safe pair of hands'


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London had riots in the summer of 2011, but last year's Olympics were problem free. Istanbul has plenty of time to get its house in order.

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I used to live in Ankara as a child and loved Turkey, but there is actually more chance of unrest growing there than the reverse. I imagine that the Olympic Committee would be more interested in security and the success of trouble-free games than in any other factors (like spreading the games around). Madrid is practically on London's doorstep, anyway, and Tokyo really is primed to put on a spectacular event nearly 60 years since the last time here.

Even air pollution is far less now than in the 30 years I've lived in Tokyo, and it's almost always nice and breezy in Odaiba and its surrounds, where the event will be staged.

And to put in a plug for Tokyo Sky Tree, it will serve as a wonderful futuristic symbol for the new and improved Tokyo that clearly would be a fabulous host of the 2020 Olympics.

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“We are focused on winning the race, ensuring that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) knows Tokyo 2020 is a safe pair of hands in these uncertain times.”

What a crock, Tepco anyone?

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Is he referring to the "safe hands" found in the zillions of soaplands of the adjacent JT article? I rather hope Tokyo wins the Olympics. Many "safe hands" will celebrate as well as the rest of the obvious benefactors.

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In recent months, Istanbul had been gripped by anti-government protests

So what? It is a democratic and fast-developing country, it is very usual to see such demonstrations in that environment.

Besides, as far as I read over here, Japan is under nuclear missile threat from N. Korea, and constantly disputes with China. No need to say Tepco's incapability to stop the nuclear leakage yet. Tokyo is also very expensive place to stay and very far away for European people. How does Tokyo be more advantageous than Istanbul?

Definitely Istanbul should host 2020 Olympic Games. Tokyo has already carried out it once; Istanbul 2020 is a very good chance to achieve economic bounce not only for Turkey but also Balkan and Middle East countries. This is also a strong message to similar countries, that winning Olympics is not a privilege only for richs.

Istanbul currently also conducts many extensive transportation projects, a mega airport at the north of the city, a third bridge to Bosphorus Straits and high-speed train network covering İstanbul and Ankara. If Istanbul is not chosen for Olympics, this will be a shame indeed.

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I reckon Tokyo will get it. Seems to be a lot more people around wearing little 2020 Olympic pins here in Tokyo (compared to six months ago). If you are smart and can get a slice of the pie, your business could do very well.

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2016 failed, I hope 2020 fails as well. Japan has no "safety" record what-so-ever

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