Tokyo Olympic committee sent over ¥1.1 bil overseas during bid


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Olympic reality check: Corruption-13 trumped by Covid-19.

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What's the katakana for quid pro quo?

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The Tokyo Olympic bid committee transferred a total of over 1.1 billion yen ($10.5 million) to overseas destinations around the time the Japanese capital was picked as the host city in 2013, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.

The sum includes the some 230 million yen paid to Black Tidings Co, a now-defunct consulting firm based in Singapore recently found to have transferred funds to the son of a one-time influential International Olympic Committee member in July and October 2013

Despite the enormous sum, individual transfers like these were also not included in the report.

For that amount of money no investigation and arrest being made?

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It was significantly more than $10M...

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And would anyone please check how much was paid to Dentsu itself over the 7 year period from bid committee till today ?

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Bribes don't send themselves. Someone had to do it.

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Firstly: this should be in the crime section.

Secondly: you don't get the Olympic games with such a low bribe scheme. It is much, much bigger than that.

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Yeah, this is a problem.

The IOC would appear to be on the "Money" gravy train, where corruption unless noticed, is the reward. And when noticed, cover-up to protect the organisation.

Hopefully "Member nations" will see this, and work together upon a more fair and open system. Though I doubt anything will happen....

In my opinion -

Each Nation should only be allowed a fixed budget whose source of funding is properly accounted for, and any over-spend in the budget should be subject to penalization - particularly in future applications, i.e. if you cheat - then you won't be allowed to host any event for the next 148 years , maybe that'd be a reasonable enough enticement to force adherence to the rules ?

However, any under-spend, should go back to the Sponsors and be completely accounted for.

Poorer Nations should also be allowed a shot at hosting the events with Co-Sponsorship from Richer nations. More diversity in locations will be a benefit to everyone. Imagine an Olympics held in a poorer African state - Egypt for example, how do you think proper governance of such an event would benefit those Countries ... perhaps even being a turning point in their overall situation for the better ? And it would open up access to Olympic events to other Poorer Nations such as Nigeria, etc.

Modern day Opening/Closing Ceremonies are stupid - lavish, and anti-sportsmanship.... they hark back to the times of collapsing Empires, and do not reflect the humility of the Great Athletes we see Competing within the Games - the IOC should discourage such extravagance.

The "Facilities" for True Athletes don't even need to be 1st class 5-star hotels - functional and basic is all that's required, the focus should be upon the arena for the sporting events, as those should last, and be available for future Athletes of the Hosting Nation(s) to use to hone their skills. and be used to encourage new Athletes to join their ranks and compete in future Global Games.

Finally, the IOC should ban any form of Politics from the Games. As soon as you introduce Politics/Religion, you defeat the purpose of the Games. Politics and Religion do not belong in Sport, the Games exist for the Sport itself period.

Participants can certainly promote what they like, outside of such Sporting venues, but within the Events, Sport should remain Neutral and unconnected to any view other than the Competition between participants.

Regardless as to my thoughts to the CCP, If the Chinese Premier - Xi Jinping, were to face me in an event, I'd still shake his hand as a Competitor whether he won or lost in a "fair" Sporting event against me - that is the true nature of Sport and Sportsmanship.

Those who "take the kneel", or "Raise the fist" or wave a flag in a protest as part of their event, have forgotten Sportsmanship, and are harming the whole ethos of Sport, to the point we may see Nations pull out of IOC membership/participation and bring this one Neutral Organisation of Common Humanity to ruin. I hope that does not happen, and I hope, that the IOC gets its act together and prevents corrupt behaviours that skew the next events Hosting arrangements.

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The Olympics are a now a disgrace.

Everything turns to crap once the suits get involved.

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