Tokyo 2020 Olympic relay to start in Fukushima

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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It sends a good subliminal message about nuclear power.

I suppose the roads will be lined with signs 'For for your life! The plant is about to blow!!'



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Tokenism. If the government had cared at all about the disaster in Fukushima and the other Tohoku prefectures, it wouldn't have spent so much time and money at bidding for the 2020 Olympics the following year.

With the diversion of construction workers to Tokyo to build Olympic facilities who could have been reconstruciting the area, the Tokyo Olympics has probably done the Tohoku region more harm than good.

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criss cross the nation from shelter to shelter

why not start at the top and work your way down? Or are they planning to circle around a few times?

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Really heartwarming news. This will be shown around the World, and will show that the area is now under control, and dismiss any unfounded rumors about Fukushima in foreign nations. It will also be a huge boost to the region, economy and the morale of the citizens. Wise choice.

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The area is now under control and dismiss any unfounded rumors...

The people in Fukushima don’t think so...just go and ask them the reality and they’ll tell you about all the hardships that they are still facing! It’s easy to sit miles away in other parts of Japan and say that everything is under control in Fukushima. People should have more compassion and avoid making false bold statements that everything is under control!

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