With the 2020 Games pushed back a year, Tokyo's new Olympic stadium will host a track and field meet next month Photo: AFP/File

Tokyo Olympic Stadium to host athletics event in August


Tokyo's new Olympic Stadium will host its first track and field meeting on Aug 23, exactly two weeks after the 2020 Games' athletics were due to end, World Athletics announced on Friday.

The field will be largely made up of Japanese or Japan-based athletes.

"Given the travel restrictions that Japan currently faces, the meeting will be largely a national competition, while a few Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes who compete for Japanese professional clubs may also take part," global governing body World Athletics said in a statement.

It added that "five of the fastest 11 Japanese men of all time will line up in the 100 metres."

The event will consist of nine men's and nine women's events, seven on the track with javelin and long jump in the fields. Because the Japanese high-school championships were cancelled, the organizers plan to add one or two lanes in each track event for high-school athletes.

The stadium held its first sports event, the Emperors Cup final soccer match on January 1.

The Golden Grand Prix of Tokyo was originally scheduled for May 10. The athletics at the Olympics were due to run from July 24 to August 9.

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Well, at least we know now that all those funds for the Olympics weren’t a waste. And just think, the Olympics still could go on as well. If that’s true, it really wasn’t a waste.

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Good. Use it for anything I guess. I mean didn't we all pay some of it through our tax money?

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Will they allow spectators? If so, get ready for another spike in COVID-19 cases.

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Well, they wanted a test run under similar conditions, so athough they will miss the peak, let’s hope they finally get some idea.

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