Tokyo Olympics boss denies image problem amid corruption probe


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"Claims of plagiarism..."

Err... make that PROOF of plagiarism.

“Of course the budget will get more expensive as a result of the rise in the cost of living and as plans change,”

Where was this "OF COURSE" in the bid, or in the explanation when forcing it on the majority who did not want the Games to begin with?

"Back in Tokyo, a comedy of errors continued Friday when it emerged bungling organisers had not worked out where to put the Games cauldron without creating a fire risk."

'Comedy of errors' is the perfect term for what's happening in and with Tokyo.

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This 2020 Tokyo (Japan) Olympics reminds me so much of the similarities with Japan's economic confusing present situation. It seems that the Japanese is placing too much hope and trust in Abe especially after the failure of the previous DP. This present Olympic situation all started with the tearing down of a still usable stadium without making sure that the "next house" will be built. How many of us would tear down a good old house without insuring that we can build the next house? When I do programs I always pressure myself by mentally reducing the time I have until opening day and checking the obstacles and problems expected and unexpected and imagined. The Tokyo Olympics is in 2020 just around the corner and Abe is still shooting his mouth off on the same issues in the Diet without solving the original problems. The tax increase, if it happens, will not solve the issue of the Olympics, instead it will finally show that Emperor Abe has not clothes on and that the nation has been taken for a long and unreversable ride by this nut.

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"Back in Tokyo, a comedy of errors"

About sums it all up, in most cases even :P

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“Tokyo 2020 considers that the allegation is beyond our understanding,” said Muto,

Which is double speak for "Plausible deniability" "We dont understand French like a native nor English either, so there has to be some misunderstanding in the translation. We spent the money on consultants"

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I'd be more amazed if there weren't any corruption involved.

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we all predicted this at JT back when tokyo was chosen. In other news, of course the source of corruption will deny corruption

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