Tokyo Olympics could help Sapporo land 2030 Winter Games


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With Hokkaido being one of the harder hit areas of the virus...

... that's still in full international pandemic mode and with no solution in sight...

...and with the doomed 2020 Olympics bleeding untold sums of money from a budget that was already way overblown and full of corruption...

...they are actually considering getting themselves involved with this Olympic folly again??!

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No, please don't even consider Sapporo for 2030 or for evermore. Tokyo 2020 shouldn't have been on the agenda in the first place. Learn! C'mon, gimme a break!

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Barcelona is not going to be a candidate for 2030 as the consequences of the virus will mean they can not afford it and they are sensible people.

Salt Lake City could be but with the Summer games of 2028 in LA also unlikely.

I do think the Sapporo Winter Games make more sense for Japan than the 2020/1 Games as Sapporo stil has little international recognition as a ski resort and it needs more tourists. If those Games are simplified and managed by real experts, costs kept down, they can make economic sense.

But that is a lot to ask seeing the expertise level of the current JOC President. The man is completely incompetent for the job.

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Hokkaido does not have a ski hill large enough for the downhill or a bobsleigh track. Last time, a temporary ski hill was set up on a larger mountain and a track was built, which soon fell into disrepair. Nagano's bob track is also derelict, after racking up huge losses. Rather that waste a fortune on unneeded facilities for very minor sports, the government should spend money on things people use, swimming pools, cycle lanes etc.

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Who the F is thinking about 2030? Oh, I know who but it ain't me. Obsession like this is a killer and they seriously need to take an Olympic breather.

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Why anywhere wants to host Olympics is beyond reason. Billions spent on a silly sporting event that lasts two weeks. I hate seeing my tax yen wasted. Please, don't. Just, don't.

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I'm going to assume that if the 2020 games are cancelled, Tokyo will put in a bid for the 2032 Summer Olympics.

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Hokkaido does not have a ski hill large enough for the downhill or a bobsleigh track.

Yes, but they've changed the Olympic Charter so that multiple cities, even countries can host an Olympics.

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The only reason you want the Olympics is personal gain, so treat anyone trying to sell you its a great idea as a grubby self centred pig. And I do apologise to pigs they are way smarter then politicians.

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Will Japanese people ever tire of the sham that is the IOC/ Olympics?

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