Tokyo 2020 announces refund policy for ticket buyers in Japan


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Tokyo 2020 announces refund policy for ticket buyers in Japan

If organizer the one that unable to hold that event then it's organizer responsibility to refund, instead busy pending that games just they can try to do refund. More people need that money during pandemic.

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I would be holding on to them. Tickets for a cancelled 'Olympic' could be worth something in the future. Imagine how the value of having the set of Tokyo 1940 & 2020 cancelled tickets.

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They keep the misinformation on overseas “fans” going with no accurate information on foreign ticket sales. The real reason is because “olympic fans” are only in the imagination of the organisers to try to persuade the public that money can be made.

Hosting the olympics is a total waste of money.... A sad shame for Japan’s tax payers.

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Thank god I was never interested in buying any of those tickets.

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All information on olympic sales is available from the designated sales agents from each country but of course the LOC has to ask for that information. As each and every ticket applicant and buyer has to register the details are known to the last ticket. As are the numbers of unsold tickets. If the organisation does not have that info that is great negligence. Particularly for security reasons so boasted off by organisers.

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The first acknowledgement that the Games are as good as over happening.

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They have put quite a lot of stipulations on the refunds and only given a small window of twenty days to get them. They state they will only give refunds on venues and events that will have limited seating due to the pandemic. However, they then go on to state they do t know which venues and events will have limited seating or how limited they will be. It would seem they are trying to wiggle out of giving refunds.

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About foreign attendance to the 2021 olympics. Let’s say a foreign fan can be found who wants to attend. We are only 10 months away but he can neither book a ticket nor a flight. When can he plan his trip. When does the LOC expect to be able to give real detail and confirmed info ? Too late for 99 % of potentially interested fans.

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Hidenori Suzuki, the organizing committee's deputy executive director of marketing, though he had very specific local numbers, said he did not know how many tickets had been sold outside Japan.

Why not?

“We do not have an accurate figure," he said. He suggested it was 10-20% of the overall total, which could mean anything between 780,000 and 1.56 million tickets.

Why not?

In addition, neither the organizers nor the government have said how much the one-year delay will cost, with most estimates at between $2 billion or $3 billion.

Why not?

Who's in charge of this shambles, Hello Kitty and Chibi Maruko? $25 billion down the benjo for Nippon Kaigi sportsday and no-one can answer a few basic questions?

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I was a volunteer at the '84 LA Olympics. It was a terrific honor to meet many athletes, many who were surprised that I knew them (I was a long-distance runner, not the most glamorous of sports). The '84 LA Olympics primarily used existing facility - in fact, the main stadium, the LA Colosseum, remains the only to have hosted two games (that, and 1936). This made it cost-effective, and from what I know, the only Games which made a profit. This should be a model.

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The Olympics are impossible, even next year-the cancellation speech is fast approaching...

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Great post.

You really nailed it.

The Olympics have overstayed their welcome.

I also love the part about their surprise discovering that you knew who they were.

The book 'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner' instantly sprang to mind.

I wonder if you are still running?

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Robert maes is correct..Of course they know exactly how many tickets they have sold overseas. Its just too embarrassing to admit that lied all along.

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