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Tokyo Olympic committee to pick Mori replacement; is a woman likely?


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Anybody who will take the job is an idiot, it's a lost cause. Years of dubious money machinations a global virus. You'd have to be delusional to think attaching your name to this will benifit you in any way. I suggest Abe San he wanted it he should own it.

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I nominate Sora Aoi.

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kyushubillToday 04:25 pm JST

I nominate Sora Aoi.


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We need to make one thing clear...Mori was NOT forced to step down...He made the choice. The old heads supported this man until the bitter end.

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Identity politics is creeping into Japan via the Olympics. How about just pick the best person for the job or is that out of touch thinking?

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I'm told that one of the issues with Seiko Hashimoto is that the position is supposed to be filled by someone who is not a current politician. Given that this is at best a 6-month position, and at worst a 2-month position with the main duty being to announce the cancellation, one can imagine it would be a tough sell.

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In addition to Yamashita, some men have also been mentioned. They include former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe,

No, no and NO!!!!

I was watching this and they had the lucky gold medal winner in figure skating, Arakawa - God I hope she's not in the running. Every time she appears on TV it's as if she's promoting some brand of shampoo - she just doesn't move her head in case it wrecks her hairstyle.

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figure skating, Arakawa

She'd still be better than Mori.

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The best person (according to the Old Boys’ Network) was chosen when they chose Mori. Then he embarrassed Japan, again. How was he the best? Look at all the money he got his friends’ companies.

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Good luck ever ending a meeting if that happens.

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No one is needed. There will be no Olympics because we need to save lives.

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The role does not require the applicant/candidate CV to specify how many times they stood on the podium to receive a medal.

How fast they can run, how high they can jump, or the distance they can throw something heavy.

In fact, the gender of the candidate is irrelevant.

From a cost preceptive, the next president of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee will need to hit the ground running, having a proven experience in scheduling cost management skills.

To identify/indicate the necessary roles, tasks, and responsibilities needed to achieve a Olympic Games in the middle of a pandemic,

None of the people above are remotely capable of leading such a project, deciding what tasks are dependent on others.

The cost are spiraling out of control, in the midst of an incoherent vaccination program.

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The best person is the one who can make decisions without getting pressured by the hidden dinosaurs in the IOC/JOC circle.

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It's like being promoted to captain of the Titanic after it's hit the iceberg. No thanks.

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Tokyo Olympic committee to pick Mori replacement; is a woman likely?

Yes, purely as a face saving exercise. The usual codgers will still be calling the shots behind the scenes.

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It's already teased that the selection process is like Old Maid where the joker comes to stay at the real loser.

Whoever is picked to assume the position, the job is tougher than honored.

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Seiko Hashimoto is in the Hosoda faction, the largest in the LDP. The former leader was....Yoshiro Mori.

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A woman right now then its a clear indication they are simply virtue signalling , Pick the best person for the job regardless ! Why do they even mention it might be a woman ...................yeah thought so !

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That sounds like an LDP strategy:

1) Give a young sportswoman the job - you know, someone who has genuine passion for sport;

2) Task her with announcing the cancellation;

3) Well, you know, we tried a young woman last time, and she cancelled it, so this time we need to give an 83-year-old LDP dinosaur a chance - HE has a record of getting things done (in 1976).


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I nominate former PM Abe. He has the experience and connections hence this job is a short gig and not in the official capacity call of duty as PM.

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WOW, LADIES PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT!!! If the Olympics become a failure at Japans cost in a male dominated society they will blame it on a women if she is selected. Now all of a sudden they want to possibly select a women.

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I nominate former PM Abe

Wasn't dressing up as Mario embarrassing enough?

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Without a woman, the olympic won't be safe. Your creation are unbalanced. Only a woman will feel the gaps left by Mori.

The world evolve and japan is out of date because of his extreme right believes on women.



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Just elevate one of the VP's. Probably have half a dozen of those

Don't see why anyone new would take the role regardless of gender when they know it will be cancelled

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