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Tokyo opens 2020 Olympic bid campaign in London


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No chance.

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Unless they are trying to pull a Lake Placid, there is no chance Tokyo gets the Olympics. It will given to a new city and I would say Madrid because of high public support and convenience of venues.

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Who knows what deterrants will occur in Istanbul or Madrid or Tokyo by 2020. I hope that Tokyo is chosen.

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DudeD I agree. Istanbul have a fair chance, but as you say, convenience and variety of venues is a plus. Tokyo looks the same as Saitama and Yokohama. During the World Cup here many complained about traveling for hours by train only to get off and it looked exactly the same as where they had come from. Plus finding an English menu is a rarity as is somebody that can speak it.

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Anywhere in Japan BUT Tokyo?... a bunch of venues and dorms on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay? "Discover boring tomorrow......." Say nothing of the incredible humidity in late July, August here, warms me up just thinking about it. Spains economy is in tatters with unemployment for young people at almost 50%, meanwhile Turkeys GDP has grown at tremendous rates over the last 10 yrs or so. Plus the IOC loves "firsts". I`ll go with Istanbul. Then watch the kebab restaurants multiply!

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The 1964 summer Olympics held in Tokyo were successful. The heat and rarity of menus in English didn't seem to deter enough people from attending.

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Don't know about the lack of English menus but the heat didn't bother people in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics because they opened on October 10th - quite different from August. My bet is on Istanbul as the Olympic committee will be able to bring the games to a booming, secular, Muslim-majority country that straddles both Europe and Asia and part of the world that hasn't hosted before.

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After Junji Ogura screwed England for his world cup vote after promising otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if certain football-related groups press for a similar act on this side

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Hope Tokyo is ready to deal with possible earthquakes during Olympics-I am just saying. This sounds like kids demanding weekly allowances without doing any chores.

Keep dreamin...it ain't gonna happen unless Tokyo has a solid risk management plan in place.

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Turkey also has earthquakes though not as often as Japan but it only takes one. Two occured in 2011 one in April and the other in October. However I suspect that "politics" will be the prime factor.

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Thanks Apeman for the correction. They were called the 1964 Summer Olympics. Shouldn't they have been called the 1964 Autumn Olympics? :-)

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However I suspect that "politics" will be the prime factor.

Yep, The disaster of Tohoku earthquake and nuke mess are too vivid in everyone's mind. It is a hard sell.

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It is very funny to see many Japanese want Tokyo Olympic while we do not want any.

We want to keep everything the way it is. Too beautiful, too peaceful and we do not want any destruction to the environment and quality of life. We have turned down many already. Swiss feels the same as well as we are.

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The Olympics is a money waster and shouldn't be in Japan. This is a sham to give a false image to Japan and the world of what Japan is truly hiding. Where will all this money come from? Do taxpayers really want this? Tohoku is in shambles, the economy is a mess, and Abe's new spendthrift attitude doesn't make for a viable option. I hope the burden of hosting the Olympics goes to Istanbul, but in my opinion it should always be in Athens. The winter ones should be in Switzerland or Austria.

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jforceJan. 12, 2013 - 10:51AM JST

The winter ones should be in Switzerland or Austria.

Are they in the bid? When did they change their minds?.I believe they are smart enough not get sucked in as well as we are.

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