Tokyo organizers say rowing venue for 2020 Olympics should stay put


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notwithstanding that the organizers take no account of the athletes' opinion, i am happy to have it stay if the organizers agree all costs in excess of the original estimate will be borne out of the organizers' pockets, and not tokyo's. no problem since they say it will cost less.

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* the IOC, the international federations, the national federations, Tokyo 2020 organizing committee and the Tokyo metropolitan government came to the conclusion that Sea Forest Waterway was the most promising and best suited for the hosting of rowing competitions.”

*.....Translation - building the facility there offers the best chances of a lot of thick brown envelopes exchanging hands as opposed to Miyagi.

Miyagi governor has proposed recycling temporary housing for evacuees from the 2011 disaster as accommodation for the athletes.

Bingo. After such a big emotional deal was made during Japan,s bid about the games bringing hope to a lifting the spirits of Tohoku residents, this is precisely what would be appreciated by the folks up there. Athletes and spectators coming up to Tohoku, injecting money into the local economy and showing some spirit by using the revamped evacuee housing village. Alas, not much kickbacks and profits for the big boys in suits in that so they,ll fight it tooth and nail.

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"But Tokyo organizers spelled out their objections to that proposal on Wednesday, arguing the venue should remain at the Sea Forest Waterway."

Of COURSE they did! How else are they going to get the money they were offered, and promised the companies, in the bid-rigging Japan is infamous for? I don't imagine the Yaks will take it well if their promises are rescinded, not to mention everyone suffers... well, by that I mean all the people who stand to profit. And by that I mean the organisers with their vested interests in the companies that have been drooling about the potential profits -- the people certainly won't benefit from the collusion.

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Not Miyagi but between Osaka and Tokyo where people can afford to watch games.

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