People walk past the Olympic rings in Tokyo. Photo: AP/Jae C Hong

Tokyo Paralympic lottery opens with 2.3 mil tickets available


Tokyo's Paralympics could be the big winner with Olympic tickets hard to find and costly.

The lottery for Paralympic tickets for Japan residents opened online on Thursday with 2.3 million available. The lottery closes on Sept 9. A second lottery will be held early next year.

Olympic tickets are experiencing unprecedented demand in Japan and elsewhere. Demand is at least 10 times over supply for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and probably much more than that.

Paralympic tickets should be more available, and less expensive. Tickets for the opening and closing ceremony (150,000 yen) are about half the price of Olympic tickets. Some event tickets sell for as low as 900 yen. The most expensive tickets for events are 7,000 yen for the swimming and wheelchair basketball finals.

The Paralympics open on Aug 25, 2020 — one year from Sunday.

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Judging from the coverage in Japan on terrestrial TV.....of the Rio Paralympics,the vast majority of these tickets will remain unsold.

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the vast majority of these tickets will remain unsold.'

That would be a damn shame because the Paralympian deserve just as much support and respect as their able bodied Olympian counterparts.

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I am sure every Paralympics ticket will sell out. They did in London, and Japan has a much bigger population.

I am looking forward to the Paralympics just as much as Olympics!

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