Tokyo Paralympics to open as Japan battles virus surge


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Japanese public opinion on the Olympics shifted once the Games got under way.

No, it has not.

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Japan's outbreak remains comparatively small, with around 15,500 deaths so far

Compared to what? Japan is #37 in deaths out of 220

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Relax, and enjoy the Paralympics at home in front of your TV.

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Has the great one Shogun Bach returned?

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Relax, and enjoy the Paralympics at home in front of your TV.

I won't be watching a minute of it, just like the Olympics. Also going to boycott the sponsors: Coca-Cola, SMBC, Ajinomoto, Toyota, Kirin and VISA.

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Not in favor of either of these events having continued while the pandemic rages and (hypocritically) asking all others to refrain from social gatherings . . .

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. . . However, IF media is going to use these athletes’ images (like the swimmer in the accompanying photo), to promote these Paralympic events,

then show these people EQUAL respect by identifying them individually, by name, in every photo used.

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After months of negative polls, Japanese public opinion on the Olympics shifted once the Games got under way.

This statement is not true. We watched them on TV but had bad feelings for the IOC and the Japanese Government.

Not the athletes.

There is a difference.

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Compared to what? Japan is #37 in deaths out of 220

Everyone knows that the comparisons are being made to the US.

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Even paralirnpikuasu people need hugs. Have a heart everyone and one and all!

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You wouldn't even know the Paralympics were on except for the occasional article here.... apparently the Japanese TV media could care less.

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Just heard a new nation-wide SOE is being announced tomorrow… the Corona is too dangerous for the average citizens to live their lives but not dangerous enough to prevent a world-wide sports festival.

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Yes a reflection of society in general, certainly not unique to Japan. It's always like this. The IOC should put the Paralympics on before the Olympics. I think people would get into it more as a warm up to the main event.

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"Tokyo is hosting the Paralympic Games for the second time, so this time round we need to bring change to society," Tokyo 2020 chief Seiko Hashimoto said Monday. "If we can achieve that, we can consider the Paralympics a success."

Well, get ready for a double failure Hashimoto. The event will make not a single bit of difference to the

disabled. Nothing, just like the first event.. And second some of the athletes, like the 500 in the first Gold Metal Disaster, will get sick and some may die. Without question this second sports event will make the pandemic worse in Japan and more Japanese will die because of it. We estimate about half the deaths in Japan are due to the government mismanagement of the pandemic in favor of the Olympic sponsors.

Like others I will not watch any of the events, to do so is to contribute to the debacle the Olympics have become this year thanks to the LDP and that fool Koike in Tokyo.

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Cheers for the paralinpics as the Japanese pronounce it but my mentally retarded 26 genetically handicapped daughter will not be watching any of it as it is an insult to force school age kids to watch and cheer while Covid is rampant.

So sad, not for my daughter as she works and is happy but for the pathetic sick attitude of the Japanese government putting handi on display for kids to say wow. Letypractice that when we get back to school. Look at us we are walking and talking like them

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Only one question, WHY????

Many of these individuals have under lying conditions and their countries, the IOC and Japan are willing to put their lives at risk.

Watch the Opening ceremony and you will see why. The majority, if not all athletes seem to be enjoying being part of the event.

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Watching the opening ceremony on TV now, here are my observations. It’s so sad to see so many athletes in wheelchairs. Was it because of accidents land mines or some other tragedy in their lives?

That 2-meter-tall tall Iranian athlete is a giant.

It was a shame to see the Afghanistan flag held by a volunteer since the team couldn’t get to Tokyo.

I think some of the New Zealand team, stuck in the athletes village, might have regretted their decision to skip the opening ceremony. Since they came all the way to Japan, it would have been no more dangerous taking part in the ceremony than staying in the village and competing in the events.

What were the Japanese greeters wearing on their heads?

Finally, all the athletes looked happy and proud to be here. Good for them.  

It makes me feel that some of us so-called “normal” people are in worse shape than they are, especially when you read some of the comments on this discussion board. Our disabilities are on the inside.

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First breath:

The opening ceremony, which begins at 8 p.m., will come with Tokyo and 12 other regions under a virus state of emergency that largely limits the opening hours of bars and restaurants and asks them to stop selling alcohol.

Second breath (albeit much shorter):

though a school program bringing children to some events is going ahead.

Not just a couple of children, but thousands.

Even the children attending could see the hypocrisy in this. I don’t think there is anyone that can’t see this as asinine.

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