Tokyo promises improved Olympic bid for 2020


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improved Olympics bid = more wasted money Hope Tokyo has the sense to pull out like Rome did, but with that monkey for a governor....

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Well, the minimum they will have to do is 'improve' on the last bid since that one was unsuccessful. Alternatively, instead of wasting an incredible amount of money on something that is unlikely to come through why not direct those funds towards domestic projects that are actually focusing on 3/11 recovery.

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The IOC should inform Japan that under Japans present moral,ethical and economic climate they will not be considered , and just how much money is involved in the bidding process ? Whining,dining,gifts etc to the Olympic bid committee. The correct move here would be for the Japanese government to excuse itself from the bidding process.

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we need this like we need a whole in the head, END THE MADNESS!

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considering they got a bid after the war so quick...very possible. The earthquake issues do not help.

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The IOC should inform Japan that under Japans present moral,ethical and economic climate they will not be considered

The worry for those that dont want the Olympics in Tokyo is that for these precise reasons the IOC may give the bid to Japan. Ishihara has had years to grease the IOC members with his repeated efforts. He must have a good chance at winning the bid by now.

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The most imprvoved bid would be none at all. Unfortunately, with the withdrawl of Rome, Tokyo stands a real shot at getting the damn thing and then we are going to have to pay for it. Yippie. At least I will be able to rent my flat to some foreigner for an insane amount of money during the festivities.

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"We have worked hard ..."

which translates as:

"We have produced a lot of unnecessary documents by our pen-pusher department ..."

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I guess they want to bankrupt the country since Japan has the highest debt to GDP in the world, 200%. This is before the Tohoku reconstruction debt. Wonder if Japan will get downgraded soon?

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That's a seriously long caption for a photo...

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