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Tokyo says support for Olympic bid 92%


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ahhh... really...?

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92%? Didn't say when or how the poll was conducted? Robert Mugabe would be proud of this one.

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It's 100% in our household.

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Go Istanbul!

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Fukushima residents polled are 95% in favor of the money being spent on getting their lives back to normal. Ooops forgot to report that one media muppets. Lets play games and pretend all is good.

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You can dream whatever, but when reality comes, be ready for it. I put my bet that it will be Istanbul. Turkey is a great nation, and if it was not for the Allied powers in WWI, it would still be a big empire for many years after WWI.

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I think Tokyo will win.

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There are going to be a lot of disappointed Japanese people Sept 7, but they'll snap out of it and get to work on 2024!

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Oh Serrano, if you're calling it then Tokyo is a shoe-in.

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I FULLY SUPPORT 1000000000000000%!!!! though I am a foreigner to Japan. Japan has good infrastructures and facilities for a good Olympic game! Count me in as one vote too!

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Olympics are big waste of money. Japan has other problems that they should focus on. The narrow view of Japanese politicians feel pressured to link the Olympics to economic gains because taxpayers bear the cost of putting on the games. The government wants to say that not only are we going to have a good time with this event, and it's going to bring many tourists in the future, but that's just not true. Tokyo shouldn't expect much of an economic boost from tourism. Tokyo citizens are really buy this tourism argument, but it will never happen.

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Whenever you see a survey here there are usually 20-30% who "don't know", even if they are asked a yes / no question. The 92% figure must have come from the Kim Jong Un school of statistics. The fact that they won't divulge the survey source or method tells us all we need to know.

Still, they have a good chance of winning this time around. Madrid is full of thieves and Istanbul has demonstrated the possibility of unrest (and potential loss of profit, the money-grabbing IOC's number one concern).

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