Tokyo seeks repeat of Olympic legacy bonanza from 2020 Games


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Unless you're one of the extremely wealthy owner of a major company that wins a contract bid, the Olympics has no benefit for you.

I disagree. My company has already started to make money off the upcoming Olympics, and we are not a major company, nor have we bid on any contracts. We are seeing our business from companies that are already preparing to ramp up their business. It's pretty minimal right now, but it will definitely increase the closer we get.

It's true that companies that will directly receive government funding will be few, but in the buildup, there will be lots of additional business opportunities.

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"Tokyo's second Olympics will begin on July 24, 2020"

That alone is a sign of impending disaster. Olympics in Tokyo during in July and August, when the heat and humidity are beyond unbearable? Why, because the IOC and TV stations demand it be held in those months? The 1964 Tokyo games started on October 10; the 1988 games in Seoul began on September 17. Sensible decisions in both cases. I really hope the 2020 games starting date is pushed back to mid-September at the earliest.

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What's the projected ROI from Tokyo 2020?

How will it benefit a) the LDP; b) LDP supporters in the construction sector; c) taxpayers?

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Strange article that totally ignores the last Olympic Games here, Nagano 98.

It mentions them:

For a nation which also staged the Winter Olympics in 1972 and 1998

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Japan needs "big projects" like the Olympics to overcome decades of do-nothing inertia, so Tokyo will have a chance to sweep away the dead wood and engage in the kind of urban renewal projects that the general contractors and their political backers cherish.

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in 1964 Japan was a re-emerging economic power and the Games sparked a huge infrastructure development and "put Japan on the map". none of that will apply this time around.

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Oh, geez... the predictions of a medal count already on the horizon. How many did the JOC say they'd win in Sochi again? Seek it, hope for it... fine, but please PLEASE don't start in the near future or leading up to the day of suggest Japan will get such and such number of medals, because as with the past three times, and with the past two World Cups, it only leads to disappointment and a near country-wide shutdown in terms of attention when the nation doesn't bid as well as it felt entitled to.

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@MASSWIPE he who pays the bills gets to call the shots. fact of life my friend. too hot you say? how about skipping the marathon runners and head to the pool! You may be lucky to bear witness to the next version of Michael Phelps.

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If things get worse in Fukushima is there a chance Tokyo could lose the Olympics?

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@JeffLee: Strange article that totally ignores the last Olympic Games here, Nagano 98.

Because this article is about Tokyo Olympic. Nagano is not in Tokyo.

Corporations get contracts and pay big money to advertise. IOC income increases. This was one of reasons IOC chose Japan instead of Turkey and Spain for 2020 Olympic.

@gogogo: All talk, I hope Japan opens it's doors to foreigners

Ease visa for tourists may occur.

There are tourists who love to visit hot area. Humid I don't know but Nevada sure get more tourists in Summer than Winter. Then, hot Macao, Singarpore, Hong Kong, they do get tourists all years around.

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Strange article that totally ignores the last Olympic Games here, Nagano 98.

Nagano was a financial and business failure. The authorities burned the financial records and local business complained of losing their regular customers. Is that "legacy" also going to be repeated?

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All talk, I hope Japan opens it's doors to foreigners

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Can't wait for the Olympics 2020! Thumbs up for athletic competition from the world's best. Hopefully Lebron will still be playing.

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