Tokyo to cut back on athletes at Olympics opening ceremony


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I don't think that will be a problem. They may have to find people to carry the flags of the countries that don't go.

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Wait a minute - didn't we just get an extra bill of 3.5 BILLION for the opening and closing ceremonies?

So they will be "streamlined" and "simpler", plus hardly anyone will participate in them, but they need 3.5 billion more? And let's not forget the original TOTAL bid price was 7 billion for the whole shebang.

Christ, the grift in this white elephant is eye-watering. This whole thing is a stick-up. We're being robbed, people.

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Why even hold it at all? If the point is the athletics then this is superfluous.

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It seems reasonable to assume that the Olympics should not go on until the pandemic is under control, and that will not happen until most people living in Japan have immunity. Since vaccinations are not due to start for over a month, will it be possible to get the pandemic under control by July?

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Organizers said they would also "reconsider" how many athletes can take part in the ceremonies, and how to get them into the stadium safely. Organizers may have to ask athletes from other countries to volunteer in taking part of the Olympics period.

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Another half-axx attempt to have the Olympics so that $$$ flows into the coffers. Pandemic be damned. So, who decides which athletes will be allowed to march and which ones not? Each has earned the right to be there. I blame Mr. Mori and his yes-man Suga. 70%+ of Japanese don't even want the Olympics there now 'cuz of C-19.

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I believe the term " scrambling" describes what these greedy self serving idiots are trying. It's just not going to happen.

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