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Tokyo turns focus to delivering sustainable 2020 Games


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What a surprise. A year after this gravy train got started, the expert panel of sixty-something (and above) time-served amakudaris have done nothing but meetingu, hot air and filling in expense claims.

There is no doubt about this issue. The Olympics will be detrimental to the environment, yet another massive boost to the concrete industry, and utterly unsustainable. Our grandchildren will still be paying for it.

"what I've seen so far are very general statements". We must make sincere effort. Snouts in the trough.

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Let's just focus on a well run games after all of the problems Japan has had recently. A well-run games would rekindle at least some of the belief in the quality of Japanese products, and I do think they can be some of the highest quality.

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I don't give a flying **** if the games are sustainable or not. There is no natural environment left in Tokyo to damage or destroy. All old concrete is cleaned and used for handful, all metal is always recycled. Tokyo already has good facilities for waste management, transportation, etc.

The games are nothing but a tool for generating vast amounts of graft for the IOC and the local organizers. On the long list of the many problems hosting the games has, in Tokyo, sustainability rates somewhere on the bottom, next to finding people to wear the mascot costumes.

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there will be very little sustainable about the games, and it will be overall a huge loss making venture. there have been very few Olympic cities that have made a profit from there games even when you add future tourism into the mix

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What would have been very sustainable is renovating the existing stadium rather the raising and putting a new stadium in the exact same spot.

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You got rid of your historic 1964 stadium without a moment's pause. Rather disturbing

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