Tokyo unveils 'Discover Tomorrow' as slogan for 2020 Olympic Games bid


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How about "Sure hope it's better by now." for the 2020?

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“Discover Tomorrow”

As in "Wow, there actually is one! Who would have known?"

but we could host a better Games because it will be the second time for Tokyo

Missing the point of Olympics much?

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"Discover Tomorrow" = "global inspiration and dynamic innovation"

Sounds more like a business/corporate slogan. Maybe that's the intent, but I'm not sure the world population will make the connection to the Olympics.

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I thought the usual slogan for this stuff is "World Peace" or "The Children Are Our Future" or "World Children for Future Peace" or some other cliche.

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Japan for petes sake, after decades of silly foreign language slogans surely its long time for using focus groups to sound this crap out.


And dont you know tomorrow never comes, damn I hope Japan loses we dont need this non-sense

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They should have opted for something in Japanese. It is not an international language, but simple words can be recognized any place in the world. "Discover Tomorrow" sounds like other nations have no clue what "tomorrow" is, unless they come to Tokyo to check it close. Anyway, Tokyo will make the finals against Istanbul. Madrid hardly will see a "tomorrow", olympically speaking. Pun intented.

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It's better than "Japan. Thank you", The odd self congratulations of a triple disaster. How about "shintaro ishihara hates your gaijin guts but wants your money"?

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I think even "irashaimase" would be better than discovering what tomorrow is.

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To paraphrase, Tokyo is the Olympic venue of the future, and always will be.

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Not as long as the new-nazi Ishihara continues to be elected by a majority here, in Tokyo. Anyone forgot his extremly discriminatory remarks on foreigners, that went practically unpunished by the media and public? Now it's time he (and the tokyoites) pay for this.

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I know this is going to sound strange...but I want Tokyo to get the Olympics. That way, they can stop wasting so much money bidding every oppurtunity they get. Also, it would allow more people to get a glimps of Japan and maybe even uncover some of the unsavory issues as well. Hopefully it would make Japan think seriously about the safety of its guests by getting Fukushima under control and alternate energy sources ready to support all the Olympians having sex in the villages.

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Most cities that are hosting the Olympics make a major loss for doing so. Given the requirements to host it.

Was a boon to attract people and promote a city/country decades ago. Not anymore, why travel to a country when the Olympics are online or on your TV.

I have been to London not forking out major bucks for something I can get for free at home.

Tokyo Olympics is Ishihara's wet dream and nothing more.

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Apparently, the full one was:

“Discover Tomorrow... that we'll be worse off after hosting this waste of money that we could be using to help the people of Tohoku”

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Dear IOC,

Please (PLEASE!) take a hint from the 53% of us that are not really very enthusiastic about this. Trust us, there is a reason. The reason is basically that we don't want to spend more of our taxes on even more boon-doggle projects so that you guys can blather more about the "Olympic Movement" (whatever that is).

Please, by all means give it to somebody who wants it, somebody who might actually benefit from the infrastructure investment, somebody that is more excited about kissing parts of your anatomy and telling you how great you are, in short, SOMEBODY ELSE!

(BTW, does Gov. I realize that if Tokyo wins, it will mean increase the number of "daisan koku jin" (Chinese and Koreans for all the rest of you)?) One wold think that that alone would get him to stop pushing for the Games given his innumerable comments on the members of the ablove groups.

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Irony...miles and kilometers deep.

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