Tokyo won't make 2020 venue changes but will reduce costs


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Boycott it.

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But IOC President Thomas Bach said last month that while the IOC was concerned about rising costs for the Tokyo Games, the experience of the athletes had to be a priority for any planning.

what a load of crock. the top priority should be the expenses incurred by citizens of the host city/country. spending 30 billion yen for a rowing venue that will probably never be used again is a waste of our taxes. are you telling me that athletes are such prima donnas that they can't stay in miyagi for a few days? give me a break. they might even enjoy it more since they can see the real japan and come in contact with more locals who would love being a part of the olympics.

the olympics should be about a country and not about a city, just like the world cup.

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amen nakanoguy. This guy lives on a different planet. Easy for him to say since he wont be spending any money. Probably get everything for free and extra money as well.

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I think nakano said it all. Nessie is right too. We should start a movement to boycott the olympics.

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There is little chance of reducing cost without a overall independent delivery authority.

There is time yet to dispense with the current mishmash.......... A bureaucratic paper tiger of a panel chaired by Shinichi Ueyama selected by Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike. Joined by a ill informed International Olympic Committee, stapled together by a feckless organizing committee presided over by Yoshiro Mori, a former prime minister of Japan.

Build a proven team that can deliver.

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So all those meetings (to save money) were also a waste of time and money... sounds like their biggest problem is how to spend more money.

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In the end,much ado about nothing and the pork barrel pols a la Mori won.A defeat for Koike tho.

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I thought that Koike-san might be able to prevail over the Jiminto barons who are looking for even more monetary handouts via the 2020 Olympics. Seems as if they have overpowered her ... and are now busy counting all the money that will be coming their way. Even if she manages to reduce costs, there's still a lot of money to be thrown around. Hope she will be able to keep her eye on where every yen is going ... and make this public so that the taxpayers will be able to know where their hard-earned money went.

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"Pride comes before a fall" Mr Abe... apparently NOT everything is "under control"...

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"it will make efforts to pare costs, "

So nothing will be done. They'll just make an effort, but, so sorry, it was not possible.

They are more likely to just employ 'creative accounting' like Toshiba did to make it appear all is well, and then slowly reveal the actual expenses at a later date, if at all.

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four times the initial estimates made when Tokyo won the right to host the Games.

Yeah, so their bid was just a load of total BS! So, cutting costs means what? Fewer toilets, smaller stadiums, no public transport upgrades, more volunteers, less on-site accommodation for athletes with them stacked four high in bunk beds, no training and practicing facilities, no accommodation for trainers and support staff - they all have to stay in Fukushima where it's cheap and commute at their own expense. What a complete and utter debacle! You should be ashamed of yourself Japan! You lied and cheated to get the games, and now, you've reneged on just about every one of your campaign points. The only one that remains true is, Japan will host the games - somehow!

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Went for our last sail yesterday and the guys from the Matsushima Junior Sailing Club ( nothing like what it sounds) sat around shooting the s..t. The Olympic sailing events came up. Gotta laugh. In August there is no wind in almost all of Japan. The planned venue of Tokyo Bay near Hanada has been knocked on the head because helis cannont fly over and film. Filming events is how reveunes for the Olympics are generated. haha

Then one guy added the fact that there is almost no surf in August even in Sendai which has some of the best surf in Japan.

Why did they add surfing to the Olympics only to hold it at a time when there is no surf? As I said, gotta laugh

That is only a couple of sports. Makes you wonder about the whole thing.

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Some writer has confusions. 1 Tokyo is not Nippon. 2 Abe is not Tokyo Governor.

Get straight your head. If you think translation of Tokyo is Japan, and or Abe is to be blamed, get lost from Japan.

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Get straight your head. If you think translation of Tokyo is Japan, and or Abe is to be blamed, get lost from Japan. dont worry toshiko when the J gov has spent all your pensions your children and grand childrens pensions, and they cant afford to pay healthcare benefits for their citizens. I'm sure many of the gaijin on this site will "get lost from Japan" and leave the century worth of bills for you and your descendants to pay. The only "get straight your head" are people like yourself where pride seems to blur the line between reality and fantasy.

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Easy for him to say since he wont be spending any money. Probably get everything for free and extra money as well.

I agree that these international sporting organizations only care about themselves even when they`re not the ones paying for it. However, Japan shouldn't have made these expensive promises they couldn't keep. They won the Olympics based on those promises.

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I wonder how tickets sale will go. I assume that if the rowing was move north it will be a sell out. Keeping it in Tokyo it will not. I am all for moving venue out of Tokyo due to ticket sales alone. Tokyo is a expensive place to stay a few day for those who don,t live there. What you will find is a lot of ticket will be given away to fill seat to impress the TV audience. Where holding events in Prefectures connected to the Shinkansen close to Tokyo will see locals from that prefecture turn up in droves. Plus the Shinkansen public transport is first class, very quick and user friendly. If you want repeat visitors, showing of these great Japan asset will enhance tourism. Tokyo is just another great City but with jewels of assets like the Izu to the south and Kyoto to the west and Nikko to the North. These place are only one to two hours from Tokyo. Try travelling in other Major cities and you will still be in the suberbs. No other Game City has had this excellent in infrastructure before and should be allow to showcase this Logistic. The only problem is with it, is the officialdom will refuse to stay near the venue due there starting times. Like rowing has to set the course and this is decided early on the morning. This does not effect the competitors only those office who have early starts with there events and want to stay in there Expensive Tokyo Hotels and eateries. We all know that the Shinkansen start up at 6.00 am and if the rowing was move north no way the offical could do their job staying in Tokyo. The competitor can easier get there in time to prepare for the first event of the day. So it not about the comfort of the competitor but the offical.

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the experience of the athletes had to be a priority for any planning.

Well, then send all the athletes into the nearby villages to get the true japan experience. Saving lots of money. They can be fed by some nice little oba-chans and see how awesome this country is without all the luxury.

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