Tom Brady retires after 22 seasons, 7 Super Bowl titles


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Well done, Tom Brady. A dedicated athlete & sportsman, deserving of every accolade.

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Admittedly, like any testosterone/driven man, Brady had had his moments of intensity, both on and off the field, however always reeled it back in to focus on the game, competition & winning. Tablets, golf clubs & game-controllers may continue to fear him. Sponsors and charities should continue to welcome him and seek his endorsements.

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I don't know much about grid iron, but the way Brady threw those home runs was something special.

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Really enjoyed watching him play and it'll be weird not seeing or hearing his name in the weekly highlights. By all accounts a great teammate (win = "we did a great job" - loss = "I could have done better") and a hard, hard worker (first guy at practice, last guy to leave, never out of shape, memorized the play book - characteristics all the true greats in team sports share).

The one thing I read today that truly stunned me: he is both the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl + SB MVP and the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl + SB MVP, with 5 more between. Talk about sustained greatness.

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Hated him on the Patriots, somehow rooted for him on the Bucs in last year's SB and glad my Rams sent him to retirement this year.

I do think he should have done 1 more year and had a Kobe-like tour with one stop in New England.

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I don't know much about grid iron, but the way Brady threw those home runs was something special.

lol, thanks for the chuckle.

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You're history, Bye bye..

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Brady retires after a season he led the league in TD passes and passing yards

He retires when he's still at the top of his game, instead of hanging long enough to be a shadow of his former self

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