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Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski, left, and quarterback Tom Brady celebrate after defeating the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Sunday in Tampa, Fla. Image: AP

Super Bowl No. 7 for Tom Brady as Buccaneers beat Chiefs 31-9


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Tom Brady does nothing but come up BIG in big big games. The defense made KC look like amateurs and the SB becomes a rout. Seven rings! More than any other team. No debate from anyone about the GOAT.

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The game was over when the whistles started blowing.

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Great game!! Mahomes was beaten up pretty badly. I am sure he will be back though. Great job Tampa!

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Man, don't ever bet against Brady and the Gronk.

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Incredible accomplishment by Brady. Like him or not one must admire his intensity, drive, and leadership abilities. 7 bowl rings is more than any person or team has done. Not bad for a 7th round draft pick who everyone thought was too slow and skinny.

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I thought the whole game was won and lost in the trenches. KC had that early goal-line stand where the eligible tackle dropped the TD, but was badly beaten up on both sides of the ball the rest of the game. Mahomes is as mobile as they come, and they got to him every time rushing only four. KC had reserves in at both tackles and it really showed.

The first -half penalties and that dumb timeout from KC before HT just made it worse.

It would have been good to see a more even game, but credit where it's due. Well played TB and the GOAT just got GOATier.

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Amazing Brady! Tampa peaked at the right time. KC should be back next year.

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No debate from anyone about the GOAT.

Only from those who judge a person by a cap in their locker 4 years ago lol

Tom Brady is no doubt the GOAT and no doubt the AFC teams were glad that he left. Barring injury, he can still do a few more years I think.

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Very clear that he could make it a seventh time. It’s just because Brady has got more in the head than the rest on the field combined in muscles and tattoos. lol

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As a former lineman, the O-Line of the Bucs was the MVP of this game. They dominated the Chiefs all night long. And, as a lineman, Anthony Munoz = GOAT.

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Definitely the GOAT.

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KC played like most of the team was paralyzed by stage fright. Which would be understandable for a bunch of newcomers, but they won it last year, so it was thoroughly dissapointing. For the sake of entertainement I would have prefered less of a steamroll, but the Bucs played very well, so congratulations to them.

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has 0 TD for the first time as a starter, and he had scrambled (running around) for more yards (467) than any QB in Super Bowl history. It didn't help that, due to circumstances, the Chief's O-line had 3 new personnel (including 2 backups) who weren't in last year's Super Bowl.

With Mahomes, 9 points is the fewest the Chiefs ever scored, and the first time losing by more than 2 scoring plays (it took him 53 straight games - the most in the Super Bowl era). The Bucs Defense neutralized Mahomes by mainly playing 4-man rush with 2 deep safeties, forcing everything to be underneath (compared to 1 deep safety in their previous matchup). Now no team has repeated as champions since 2004-05 (NE Patriots with Brady) - the longest period in NFL history.

Tampa Bay Bucs are the 5th team in NFL history to go from a team with a losing record the previous season into a Super Bowl-winning team. Also the 5th WildCard team since 2000 to win the Super Bowl (has to win 4 "away" games in the postseason), but the 1st WC team to play and win a "home" game (technically this SB game). They're also the 1st NFL team to beat 3 Super Bowl MVP QBs (Brees, Rodgers, Mahomes) in a single postseason - and they did it in a row.

Bucs QB Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings (7) than any single NFL team (6, NE Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers). But his 1st Quarter TD in this Super Bowl is more than he has scored in all his 9 previous Super Bowls combined (just 1 field goal, 3 points). In the week that QB Peyton Manning is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame - the only QB to win the Super Bowl with 2 different teams....... until Brady joined him (Manning and the new HOFers were honored before this SB game).

It's been 19 years between Brady's first champ title and his latest title - that's tied with NBA's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (19 years), more than MLB's Babe Ruth (17 years), but still less than NHL's Chris Chelios (22 years between first and last titles).

KC Chiefs blitzed the most in the playoffs - how to counteract that? By getting rid of the ball quickly - QB Brady's averaged 2.27 seconds per throw is his fastest in the last 5 seasons. The Gronk (Bucs TE) has now caught a total of 5 TDs from Brady in their 4 Super Bowls together - the most SB TDs by any QB-receiver duo. (The Gronk is now at the twilight of his career, but believe it or not, he and superstar KC TE Kelce --who is at the peak of his career-- are the same age, 31 years old.)

So in a span of 5 months, Tampa Bay has won a NHL Stanley Cup (Lightnings), lost a World Series (Rays), and won a Super Bowl (Bucs). Now it's up to the NBA Raptors (by way of Toronto, Canada) to complete "Title Town" - the Raptors play their home games in Tampa due to Covid restrictions flying between USA and Canada.

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But enough of that. Who did really win this year's Super Bowl - which Super Bowl ad took home the prize?

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In retrospect, my hometown Chiefs were probably toast when LT Eric Fisher tote his Achilles in the AFC Championship game. They just couldn’t handle the TB pass rush and it showed. Mahomes is the best QB in the game but he was running for his life all night.

As much as I hate to say it, Brady and his D gave us a beat down.

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Tom Brady is both the Super Bowl MVP and General Manager of the Year

The Bucs offense was essentially free-agent players he recruited to play with him - The Gronk (TE), Leonard Fournette (RB), and Antonio Brown (WR)

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Seemed like 50% of the plays began with 2+ defensive players offside. TV avoided showing the scrimmage line. Can't believe the refs let them get away with that and all the pass interference groping. Suppose by the SB, the refs have lots of pressure to just let them play. The penalties wouldn't have altered the outcome. TB was going to win. That was very clear when Mahomes passing game was effectively shutdown until 4Q.

Happy for my Tampa buddies.

Sad for my mid-west friends.

Brady completely turned TB around. Sorta amazing that 1 player can do so much good for the total team and coaches. Plus, since Florida doesn't have any income tax, he'll get to keep much more of the salary than he'd get in Boston.

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Credit for the win should go to DC Todd Bowles for creating a masterpiece of a plan. The Bucs got gashed by K.C. in their regular season game, but this time around, they made the necessary adjustments. K.C. probably didn't expect to see so much Cover 2 and 2-man coverage. Credit for that should go to their young secondary who didn't allow Kelce and Hill to go wild, and made Mahomes stay in the pocket longer for the four man rush to apply just enough pressure to get them off their game.

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With 2-Deep coverage, KC Chiefs should had committed to the run more, but they may had been too prideful to give up on their renowned speed passing attack

They could had just taken what the defense gave them

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