Top FIFA official unhappy with World Cup referees after Japan beats Jordan


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The guy elbowing Hasebe wasn't really fair play. Red card deserved.

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Dear prince something...

When you are in faeces up to your nose, keep your mouth shut.

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Jordan played rough. Why that rugby tackle in the first five minutes wasn't carded was beyond me. Clearly a yellow was needed. The yellow that sent this guy off was questionable but seeing as how it was his second call in a matter of minutes... To be honest, I thought more cards should have been given to Jordan as they were all about using their arms to stop the Japanese players.

First time I've seen a keeper carded.

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At the time it didn't seem to merit a yellow as he was moving rapidly backwards, but his arms were certainly flailing around and he did cause a bleeding cut to Hasebe's head. Perhaps it was more a warning from the referee to the whole team to keep things friendly. There were other times when the ref didn't take action. He did appear to be balancing different factors out in his awarding or not of penalties to the two teams.

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I officiate American football at the high school level and if things start to get "chippy", we will tighten our enforcement of the rules to keep things reasonable. The last thing you want is a scrum on the field (unless you're playing rugby, that is.)

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Jordan should be happy that they are even in Saitama! How many Arab teams are any good at soccer??

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