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Torre ready to manage Team USA in World Baseball Classic


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I have to say as a New York Yankees fan, I have not heard of most of the currect players listed.

But I like that Joe is running this team and hope for all the best. A lot of great players not on the list and a lot more playing for the home country.

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"discipline, the motivation, the fact that Japan takes this event seriously..."

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Japan won the first two because of teamwork, Dice K pitching and Ichiro samurai spirit. Winning countries should get to host the next World Classic on their home soil. America and therefore US players dont really care about this "exhibition" pre season tournament so it is not surprising they dont play with the motivation to win.

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Japanese and Korean teams start training camps much earlier than MLB teams. Don't the Kyojin head to Okinawa in January? This means their players are further along in conditioning and exposed to baseball activities. If you haven't seen a 90 mph fastball all winter (approx. 4 months) it will take a while to adjust. I just watched an interview clip of a MLB pitcher making note that they have been throwing for several weeks in preparation for Spring Training where as position players who just arrived at the start of camp this past weekend have to face them in live BP and are usually outmatched.

Plus, why in the hell did they choose to go up to SF and play the championship instead of staying in So. Cal? It's going to be freezing in frisco and more opportunity for injuries. Aside from the fact that I now live in LA and was in Japan for the previous WBC's. Go Dodgers!!!

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This is another example of the ridiculousness of the IOC. It prefers to see these overpaid, professional 20th century sport players in an unimportant event rather than an original Olympic sport like wrestling just because it bring in the money. Save Our Badminton, I.O.C.

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