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Trevor Bauer, shunned by MLB, makes Japanese baseball debut


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For those who spouting nonsense about his crimes, he did not commit any. There is not only a lack of evidence of proving he is guilty of anything, but his lawyer has also release proof of that the woman was intentionally framing him. The MLB did him injustice because they threw him under the bus before the whole case was settled. Anyone who follow his news the last 2 years knows he is innocent. But what you expect from the US when social media can so easily ruin a man life and there is no consequences for either the media and the woman ruin another person livelihood.

But is good. Tough luck for them and good for us. Because we want to see him play here in Japan. He already posted a few of his video about here in japan and fans were delighted to have him here. Thank you Rachel Luba for sticking to his side and getting him this deal and good luck Trevor on your future games here in japan.

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Speed,they have an morality,he will never pitch one inning in America

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And Japan continues to be a home for western LBH (loser back home)....

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Go ahead and celebrate this freak, this guy had all kinds of problems, the media here exposed him MLB does very extensive investigations on their own to protect their brand and image. Domestic Violence is something that is not taken lightly in the US you hit a women you go to jail simply put. In japan perhaps its different you can get away with beating your wife your gf. Yes, he was cleared but NO TEAM would touch him go figure out why. The guy was a freak in college and he didn't stop there.

Shunned by major league clubs, Trevor Bauer is trying to find his way in Japan where fans are drawn by his near celebrity status and seem unconcerned by domestic violence allegations against him.

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If he hasn't been convicted of the crime he allegedly committed, then MLB shouldn't have banned him. MLB should also have an innocent until proven mindset too. I hope Bauer blazes here in Japan.

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Japan shouldn't be importing problems from the US - especially with the riches of talent Japanese baseball famously has.

Give the roster spot to an up and coming local kid.

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On September 13, 2022, Bauer, through his attorney as part of a motion to dismiss his accusers' lawsuit, released a video recorded by his accuser the morning after the alleged assault took place. Bauer's attorney claims the video proves his innocence showing his accuser "willingly in bed with a sleeping Mr. Bauer, and is smirking and uninjured

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On February 8, 2022, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced that they would not be filing any criminal charges against Bauer related to these incidents citing a lack of evidence

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I hope he never again commits sexual assault, but if he does, and in Japan, will attitudes towards him change?

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